Why does Thermador have such a bad reputation...

GatorsmomAugust 11, 2012

...if Bosch, who is made by the same company Siemens, has such a good reputation? The Manager of the Service department at the local appliance store swears they are really the same appliances. He's been doing repairs for 50 years and says they are both good product lines. But I find that Thermadors are not widely recommended here though Bosch is a favorite.


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I have a whole kitchen full of Thermador in new home. So far, early on, like 'em a lot. Good build quality, good design, good warranty, good local service. With the promo's they run, I don't think you can do better, or, I didn't think I could do better. Time will tell.....

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They are bad? Source?
We're Thermador-ing our new build.

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I have seen very few negative reviews on the Therm columns. I have two 30" columns and they are awesome! I could not stand my old 36" Therm range though....

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It seems every brand has lots of negative reviews. We are also going with an all Thermador kitchen. 42" fridge, 6-burner range top, double ovens, 2 dishwashers, vent-a-hood, the works. The package deals, prices, looks and functions are all pieces of the puzzle that led us to choose Thermador.

Please post pictures of your kitchens once finishes, I'd love to seem it!

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I got the same impression, that Thermador wasn't as highly rated, at least here, for reliability reason.

Trying to pick out double or two single wall ovens and having a dickins of a time making a decision, so I've been reading every single post on ovens that I can find. LOL

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Refrigerator columns and dishwashers are almost exactly the same. Made in the same factory.

Wall ovens and ranges are different designs made in different factories.

Thermador ovens and ranges still made in their old Tennessee factory before the Bosch-Siemens buyout.

Most people will tell you Thermador are good dishwashers but Bosch is the better buy since they are cheaper and almost identical.

Thermador had a problems with their ovens a few years ago. Thermador reps say problem is fixed,many people think there has not been enough feedback in the last year or so to confirm.

As far as sealed burners go I like Thermador star burners.

And they have one of the better induction cooktops out there,essentially the same top of the line stuff from Gaggenau(also owned by Bosch-Siemens).

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