Black Toilet - pros/cons?

mdholmesSeptember 17, 2008

I'm thinking about putting in a black colored toilet in my new bathroom and was wondering whether anyone has one and can comment if they like it or not. Does it show a lot of dust/lint? Anything else I should know? Thanks so much!

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We bought our home with a brown toilet in the Main bathroom. Showed a lot except things that were brown. The guys loved it, the gals not so much but it was always commented on. I hated it and changed it this year.

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Same as anything shiny and will show EVERYthing. Bathroom "dust" from all the paper goods will be the first thing to show. Water spots and "other" spots.

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For design reasons, really needed to NOT have a white toilet (generally I believe all bath fixtures should be white). We replaced 3 toilets in the house: pink, light blue, and burgundy.
When I looked at what would work, don't like "colors", black was the remaining neutral choice, but how could I put in a *black* toilet?? We have dark floor tile, a black wood sink base, copper sink, stained wood wainscot and earthy green on the walls.
Well, I used a Kohler Serif with brushed nickel trim and I LOVE IT!!! We have well water, so the white toilets always look reddish in the bowl within a few days of the cleaning. We never see anything in the black porcelain, I do not have a problem with paper lint nor with water spots.

The powder room is so small, that it is really hard to get a good picture, but it is now 1 1/2 years, and I am really pleased.

As for the other colors- glad to see them go!

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I am of the opinion that sinks, toilets, and sheets need to be boring, aka white...there are things in one's life that should be exciting and interesting, but these ain't it :)

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I've never had anything but white toilets, ever...but in the home we're building (about 30-45 days away from completion) I selected 7 white toilets and 1 black toilet, going in the powder bath with dark "Michelangelo" marble and this vanity:

This pic was taken "before" the walls were painted (they're fauxed the brown color like in the marble):

Sorry I couldn't be much help as far as experience, but for this particular scenario/color scheme, I just had to have a black toilet! ;)


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I have a dark brown toilet. Very hard to keep it clean looking.

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I selected black toilets (and sinks!!!) for the house I'm currently in (built 20 years ago, my how I've learned). I will NEVER do that again. Next to impossible to keep clean looking....even when clean it shows every smear.

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A friend has a black Kohler toilet in her master bathroom. It always looks dirty. I always wipe it before I use it. I firmly believe all bathroom fixtures should be white. They never go out of style.

Good luck!

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Con- it's ugly
Pro- none that I can think of

:) Go for the white ! :)

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I used black and I still love it to this day. Yes it shows dust. But it doesn't show as much "other stuff" as a white one. So its a trade off. Of course I clean it regularly, but I'm still super pleased, and everyone still to this day goes on and on about how great this room looks (5 yrs later). Remember, black is still a neutral -- it's not like it's apple green.

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leilani, you have 8 bathrooms in your home!!!!!!????????

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vineyard for each bedroom (5 total), one for the powder bath (pictured above), one for the dog bath and one for the pool bath (exterior). I guess I'm TBO (in addition to being TKO). ;)

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Avanti Tile & Stone (Stonetech)

I had a very expensive black toilet in my home in Virginia for a number of years. Truthfully, I LOVED the way it looked. Is is more trouble to clean? Yes. I also had a black Blanco sink. Again, it was more trouble to keep the light-coloured stains out....but not much. I loved it. Expect some more maintenance....but they sure as hell DO look good.

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Back in the early 80's I was working as the maintenance plumber for a large municipal school district and I had an opportunity to sit in on a training seminar sponsored by the company that supplied the bulk of our cleaning and maintenance chemicals.

I shall never forget how that seminar began. A real nerdy looking guy came out in a lab coat and he began his talk with a question;

"Have you ever wondered why your plumbers, electricians and other contractors all seem to use white vans & pickups", he asked? He then went on to say, "Image is everything, therefore it should stand that the guys with the dirtiest jobs should drive vehicles that don't show dirt, right?"

You could have heard a pin drop in that room as over 200 custodians all scratched their heads looking for an answer, but no one offered a clue to his question.

The speaker says," Give up yet"?

Again silence.

Finally he says, "Allow me to give you the answer, the reason that they drive white vehicles is because white shows less dirt than any other color."

He then went on to say that research has concluded that over 90% of all dust & dirt is actually white, gray or various forms of light browns and when the dirt of dust lights on a dark color such as blues or blacks it sticks out like a sore thumb, but when it lands on a white surface it is barely noticed unless you give it close inspection.

I came away from that seminar thinking that nerd was as crazy as an outhouse rat, but after years of operating fleet vehicles and working in bathrooms I have to admit, he was a lot smarter than I initially gave him credit for.

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I wanted a black toilet also, but because of finances, I decided to keep the current one. I exhanged the seat for black and it gave a little satifaction, then I looked up and then swapped the tank lid for black. Voila! It was exactly the look I was craving, I think I like it better than I would a solid black.

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lazypup, I like that guy in the white lab coat :) I've had two white cars in my 28 married years. One an "oxford" white and my current SUV is a "pearl" white. Both, but especially the pearl white, have to be reallllly dirty before they LOOK dirty. Nothing is more striking than a shiny CLEAN black car...or stove top...or toilet, but they only LOOK clean for about a nano-second :o I had a black shiny stove top (yes, I knew better!) and an hour after cleaning it with water/alcohol and a microfiber cloth, there would be a fine sprinkling of dust covering it. KA finally replaced the solid black top with the speckled gray/black top they use on their stainless models.

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Black toilets are dreadful. I don't care what the design. They look like 1970's funky leftovers.

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Oh dear! This thread is cracking me up!!!! Am I the only one laughing?

Where else but on GW--for so many points made here!

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I lived with a black toilet in a powder room for two years several houses ago. It was one of those low slung Kohler "silent flush" models and worked perfectly with the rest of the bath design. It sort of "disappeared" into the background which was exactly what we wanted. The highlight was a hand blown glass vessel sink, so we wanted that to be the focal point.

It did take more effort to keep clean, but wasn't that big of a deal... I would do it again if I were going for the same design/look.

Good luck!

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Ok, I'll probably never be able to show my face her again, but here goes...
My current home was built in 1950, but had a major remodel in the mid 80's. (Think mauve and lots of it.) There are two bathrooms. One had a beige toilet and the master had a - you guessed it - mauve toilet. I could not WAIT to replace the toilets, but it was not just the sheer butt ugliness of the colors. It was at least in part because I could not tell what color my pee was. So, my advice is that if knowing the color of your pee on an ongoing basis is even of the slightest interest to you - go for a white toilet.

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Since this thread just won't go away, I'll chime in. My partner's mother had a black toilet 20 years ago. We always referred to it as the "Darth Vader". Can you put up with that kind of childish mockery?

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gardenspice, You bring up a very good point! I would have never thought of such a thing but at some point,sooner or later, that's going to be a consideration.

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