External HDD Help ?

bunky_miApril 19, 2013

I picked up a WD My Passport to add to my Dell Dimension 2400 running XP home, but I seem to find the May Passport to install files,

I downloaded the drivers, and can find the My Passport in the Device manager under disk Drives, and also when I disk Management, it shows as Disk1,

How to I assign the My Passport a drive letter to make it useable? when I right click on the drive in the Disk Management, only properties and help are available

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The external drive will be assigned a letter automatically.

Right click on the Start button and click Explore. You now have a window with 2 panes, look on the left side and you will see the C drive listed and possibly/probably and E drive. This is your external drive. D will be assigned to your DVD player but not visible at this time because there is no disc in the drawer.

While there if you wish to change the name of your external drive simply right click on the name, click Rename, give it a name and hit Enter. Done.

To view files simply click once on a drive or folder on the left side and the contents are shown on the right. Where there is a small plus sign or arrow beside a folder (depending on which Windows you have) on the left side this indicates sub folder, click it and those drop down underneath.

To see info on the right side in different ways look near the top right corner for a small box with a down arrow, click this for a drop down menu where you can select different layouts. Play about a bit to see which you like. I often swap beteen 'Details' and 'Large icons'

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Thanks Owbist

I still couldn't find the Drive with the instructions, so I went and downloaded the utilities and firmware, and did a quick format and then it was there,

So then I used your information to rename the drive

Thanks again

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Glad you got it sorted out then

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