A question about cabinetry, aka "More wall oven hell."

MizLizzieAugust 31, 2012

Hope I've chosen the right forum here. I'm trying to pick my brands and options for my first-ever wall ovens and it is so confusing. (Loved the old thread "Wall ovens -- is this what hell is like?")

So my concern is the holes in the cabinetry. I'm going 27" due to space constraints. Most double wall ovens I like seem to have the same cut-out except for the 27" GE Profile. That pair needs about half an inch bigger hole all the way around if the #s on AJ are right. I really liked that set but then I got paranoid. What if it died? What happens in 10 years if they no longer make that set? Or I just hate it? Can the hole in my cabinets be made smaller?

AND THEN I saw the GE Advantium. Pricey, but it looks so intuitive and functional to me. But that means an even stranger hole in the cabinet. Nothing but that particular paring -- one 27" Advantium and one 27" GE Profile convection oven would ever fit it. Right? No?

It can't be right. This must be a common issue with a common fix. Is there a trim kit? Or do people just get a new oven cabinet? In which case, I will stick with a very standard set of very standard ovens, and forget I ever read about the Advantium. Probably Elux, which are nice, paired with a ratty little MW hidden away in a cabinet.


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Just buy a couple of extra fillers from your cabinet line and put them in storage and you can have a cabinet installer alter the oven cabinet at a later time if need be for a smaller cutout. It's not a big deal. If you are doing cabinets in a wood that changes color with light exposure, you may want to put the fillers in strong sunlight for a couple of weeks before storing them, but other than that, easy peasy.

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Fillers!! Just decorative panels of wood, right? That's brilliant, LWO.

Do normal people just "know" to do this? ;-)

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Watch out for european 27" (70cm), their ovens aren't 27". We were going to go with Miele but found that they were 27 3/8" and required a larger cutout which meant a larger cabinet. I'm considering an extra panel, just in case...

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Fillers!! Just decorative panels of wood, right? That's brilliant, LWO.

Do normal people just "know" to do this? ;-)

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there is a company called microtrim who manufactures trim kit for wakk ovens in stainless, white or black

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Making the cutout smaller is easy (fillers or a bit of extra trim).

Making it bigger might be a problem.

I would expect the Advantium to match the width of the GE oven once the trim is applied. The body carcass may be narrower but that's not the issue, just the trim width.

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There should be installation information which tell you what the required cutout is. You can compare this with your cabinetry to tell you approximately how the appliance will fit.

We removed built-in GE wall ovens (regular plus microwave) and thought we need considerable cabinetry adjustments in order to replace them with new appliances. One carpenter measured very carefully and told us if we shaved down the opening by about 1/8" on each side, we could install the Electrolux oven we wanted. We did this.

DH then moved a shelf because the Elux was higher than the GE Monogram. We put a Panasonic convection MW on the shelf, installed a trim kit to bring it to the same width as the Elux and presto! we have a double oven in the same space (almost). It can be done.


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Thank you all so much for your help. It is good to learn all this now. Once I've picked my appliances I'll forward them to my cabinet guy and he'll design and price the cabinets. The Andvantium is pricey, but wow does it look useful.

Sorry about the accidental double-post earlier.

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