Can't download free Kindle

copanoladyApril 15, 2013

Very frustrated at the moment ~ I can't seem to download the free Kindle app from Amazon for Windows 8. May I please have the link? I've tried every combination of words in the aforementioned and it either goes to the Kindle device which I don't want or children's books or something else inane.

I understand there is an Amazon (long time user)... "free" Kindle software download for PC's and many books are free or what else am I missing? I realize I'm late to the party but ~ sometimes, life happens ~ and I haven't kept up, I'll admit. I have Windows 8 and relatives who say "oh, it's just an app" - just download it - it's on Amazon.

Between taxes (I owe), losing a pet, having to re-home another, moving, remodeling problems, health issues, family issues & so forth....I just want a simple answer. It would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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A stroll down Google Lane gave me this. Hope it is what you are looking for.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I just googled kindle for pc and it came up for W8

Here is a link that might be useful: For 8

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O.K. dammccoy ~ I've been there exactly and here's what I get
: 1. Download now for Windows 8 (Also, under "download now for W8, it says, "Buy Once, Read Everywhere:" - I thought it was free, so I figured I wasn't at the right place) but I continued to.....
2. View in Windows Store
3. Then the link goes to TWINUI ~ I know it's an application, but how do I know it's safe? I've seen it before but I don't really know what it is. I guess that's when I tuned off.

EmmaR ~ This looks a little cleaner (clearer) but again it said to shop at the Windows 8 store - I'm still learning W8, so I always figure store = $ or the download would be on Amazon as I expected.

Thanks to you both - I'll figure it out now, just feel silly to ask since I know I'm a couple of years behind. You get older, you lose brainpower. Not so LOL., but true. Darn.

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Don't worry about it. We all do that, especially me. I have been trying for day to stop a certain cookie from getting on my PC. It was stupid but I was bound and determined to stop it. Well, I did, but now I don't know how I did it????

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Thanks Emma - I appreciate your making me feel better or at least trying to ~ I think sometimes we try to do too many things at once and deal with too many emotions at the same time and just get brain freezes - at least, I do. Paranoia doesn't help (guilty)
Thanks again :)

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Hi. Buy once read anywhere means if you buy a book, even a free one, you can read it on any device that has the kindle app. If you download the app to your PC and later get a tablet or smart phone, you can read those same books there too. I read on my iPad and if stuck in a waiting room, the book is on my phone too. Thousands of free books, pretty good ones too!

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Also here is the kindle help forum on amazon, they are very helpfull with the acutal device and the reading app. If you have further problems on the right of that page is a contact us button. I find the chat option works very good or you can choose to have them call you and they call with in a minute to help with your problem. I am one of the forum pro helpers over there but I only know the actual device and have never used the reading app but they are a great bunch of people that help other users. Mary

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon kindle help forum

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If it is for a laptop or computer, you should be looking for "kindle for PC" mentioed there are many diff flavors ie. Kindle for Android (which would be for Android tablets etc) when loaded on each device you give each device a name then thru the kindle menu, under Tools you find Manage your Kindle..there you can send the book to any of your devices and advance the pages to where you left off on another device..also register at Amazon(no cost) there are a zillion free books that will be sent to you when you pick one,thru their Whisper net (wireless) right to the device you choose

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