Light and Medicine Cab don't fit - Restoration Hardware

grannabelleSeptember 6, 2008

we bought an inset medicine cabinet and light fixture from Restoration Hardware...Medicine cabinet (colonial style with crown molding) is installed - light fixture being installed. When light is installed properly, the molding from the cabinet extends almost 1/2 way across the bulbs from the fixture. The fixture needs to extend approx two more inches from the wall to clear the cabinet...any suggestions? fixture was very expensive and since they are from the same place, i am surprised they would not work together...

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If you can't return the fixture, maybe bring it to a metal shop and have something put on the back of the fixture in a matching metal to hold it away from the wall. Can you post a photo of the fixture. Hard to try and help without seeing what it looks like. Maybe build out part of the wall it's mounted on?

They should take it back though, unless it was custom.

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thanks blondelle - what you have suggested is exactly what my DH was planning (we are taking the fixture to a lighting place today to see about extending a piece)to do that, or build a box out of sheet rock....i am planning to look at other fixtures to see if the width is standard, or if this particular fixture is shorter than others - it's just one more thing more difficult than expected! GGRRRRRRRRRR

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I'm sorry to hear about your dilema. Hopefully your DH can resolve things. It's frustrating nontheless, especially knowing how expensive RH is. -I'm just curious as to which size medicine cabinet and style light fixture that you have from RH? I also just recently ordered the cartwright recessed medicine cabinet and will need some sort of lighting to extend above it. If I might also ask, how great a depth (exension) would you suggest the fixture be to clear the molding?


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