Zephyr Typhoon cleanup questions

scotkightAugust 23, 2012

I'm replacing a semi improperly installed OTR microwave (2" too low) with an under cabinet mount hood at some point in the future. Basically as soon as the microwave continues its downward slide into not working right. It is pretty close now...

The Zephyr Typhoon looks nice, but the cleaning setup is "unique." Which could be good or bad.

What do you think of it? If you have one, do you wish you had normal grease traps or do you like the clean the fan blade setup?

I've seen a number of references to the hood not being terrible quiet, but it is unclear if that is in reference to full power only or through all power ranges. Considering that this would be sitting around 30" above the range, have significantly higher minimum to maximum cfm and better forward reach than my microwave, I have a feeling a lot of my cooking would continue to be at low to mid power rates with 10-15 minute bursts at full. If it is quiet from low to medium, I would be very happy.

If it matters, run is vertical for 1.5' then goes horizontal for 20' to get outside.

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We have had the Zephyr AK2100 range hood since May 2011. I'm not sure why my review from July 2011 disappeared, but it did, must have fallen into the GW black hole, LOL.

We bought the Zephyr because we had very specific design requirements. The Zephyr AK2100 range hood met those criteria and was available immediately.

It is no louder on high than the Broan Allure III it replaced, and works much better.

I think the cleaning system is sub-optimal. It's not hard to do, but I do a lot of greasy steam stovetop cooking, and I can feel a slight coating on the fan blades. Something that could be dunked in the DW would be best, but there was nothing available at the time that would work and was in stock.

Pro: the fan really works - I have an open kitchen/DR/LR arrangement, and 1/2 hr with the Zephyr on high sucks out anything, even hamburger smells. On low/medium speeds, the sound is fairly inobtrusive. You can hear it, but it's not bad. On high however, I can't hear anyone talking to me from behind (when I'm standing right at the stove) unless I actually turn to face them. A few feet away from the range hood, even at high there's no problem hearing someone behind you.


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Very cool, thanks. I can still smell the burger from friday night in here, so your feedback is quite specifically helpful! :)

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I have a Typhoon and don't miss filters at all. I cook similarly to you, I make fairly moderate use of my hood and I haven't taken issue with it. Zephyr hoods in general are quite quiet.

Here's a video about the filters/self-cleaning functions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-ETkhEJKPI

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