Windows 8, Creating a backup/recovery

jerry_njApril 4, 2013

The instructions on my new Gateway for creating backup and recovery medium demands one uses a USB flash drive, not a DVD in the built in DVD drive. It requires a single 16 GByte device. I liked the multiple DVDs approach provided on my last computer purchase, a Toshiba with Windows 7.

Maybe this is the new world of Windows 8.

Or is this a Gateway (does Acer own the Gateway name?) approach and I can use a Windows 8 application to created DVD based backup and recovery media?

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Okay, Jerry, Get with the program...

I just ordered a 16 GByte Flash Drive, for about $12. Problem solved.

It was just old fashioned of me, and easy for me, to want to do things the "old way", using those small capacity DVD disks.

Then, I remember using floppy disk media, if I recall correctly the first one was 750 KBytes, then the high capacity came out at 1.4 MBytes... guess that was at least 25 years ago.

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Yes I remember those 5.25 floppy disks - and they were floppy.

Then they 'created' them as double density at twice the price. We very soon learned that by using a hole punch we could punch another hole exactly opposite the original hole so we could reverse these and use as double density. No need to buy the expensive 'double density' disks.

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