Electrolux wall ovens - Speed/Icon questions

sjc07August 12, 2012


I've done a bit of research on wall ovens and have narrowed down our choices but would love some additional insight from the folks here who have experience with Electrolux ovens. I've decided to avoid the double wall oven configuration and go with an ICON single wall oven + (single wall oven OR high-speed oven). Some questions...

To help me figure out whether to get a speed oven or regular to pair with the other regular ICON...

1) From what I've read on these forums, my understanding of speed ovens is that they have 4 capabilities:

a) regular oven

b) convection oven

c) speed oven (convection+microwave)

d) microwave

I hardly use a microwave (1-2x/week) so that functionality isn't a driver for me. Since the speed cooking aspect relies on microwave power, I would probably try to limit my use of that as well, using it only when I'm under a time crunch. My question is, does the Electrolux speed oven have any benefits over a regular ICON regarding a) and b)? The only things I could think of are that because of the smaller size, maybe it uses less electricity and takes less time to preheat?

2) Do ICON wall ovens broil well? I assume they do but since Electrolux speed ovens can't broil so I just want to make sure I still have an appliance that does that have capability. If not, I think I'll have to consider a Miele speed oven.


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I did go with the double oven, but we use a microwave often. Since you don't, I think single + speed is a great choice for you. Eliminates the need for a microwave taking up space anywhere else.

My Elux ovens broil just fine. I have the non-Icon, but my understanding was that this was mainly a style difference. Yours should broil the same as mine. It is "open door" broiling, where you keep the door slightly ajar. I've never had any other kind, but apparently some ovens don't. It also has "convection broiling" where you keep the door closed and the convection fan turns on, cooking a little faster. It's supposed to be good for thicker cuts of meat and fish.

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Our Elux Icon broils just fine too, alto to be honest, living in S Calif we do most of our broiling outside on the BBQ which also has an Infra red broiler.

The broiling element in the Elux Oven is much bigger and hotter than the broiler in the Miele Speed oven and in fact if you do a search for Miele Speed oven here, you will see "Mixed reviews" as to its broiling abilities.

Go to the AJMadison website, and look up the specifications for the Elux oven and the Miele speed oven and you will see the difference in the heat/size spec's for the 2 broilers.

Also read the post here in GW about speed ovens, We use our Elux speed oven a lot, Baked taters in 14 minutes instead of 45 minutes to an hour, (Including preheating).
Some things like poultry and fish as well as french fries come out much better when they are "Speed cooked" to reheat as opposed to either microwaving them or heating them in an oven or convection oven.

Except for broiling and size, You can do anyting in your Elux Speed oven that you can in your regular oven.
I use it to grill toast, I have baked turkey thighs and breast in it, meatloaf, etc etc, It is our most used cooking appliance.

Good l;uck with your pending decisions!


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This may be too late for you, but I have the Electrolux Pro Icon oven and speed oven. Love them both!

Have almost never used the speed feature in 4 months but it is used daily as a microwave (often several times a day) and I have used it lots as a regular and convection oven.

I am having a harder time wrapping my head around the speed oven but I am planning on using it tomorrow to cook sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving. The one thing it was fabulous for is cooking my baked beans which take over an hour to bake and for the bacon to get crisp, and it took 30 minutes or less in the speed oven.

I LOVE my Electrolux oven! It has lots of features I didn't realize it had which I have loved. For example, speed cook. I have a crock pot which I love to use but it is stored inconveniently and I plug it in on my island so as not to hurt the marble countertops. I worry someone will get burned or knock it over. The last two times I would have used my crock pot (for ribs and for chili), I used my oven instead. Worked beautifully. The ribs I did in foil pans and I could make more which was good because we were feeding more than would fit in my crock pot.

The other feature it has which I haven't used but would have liked to know about is the warming drawer. This is a great feature! I have a warming drawer, which is probably good since I just have the one true oven, but if you are doing a double oven (and probably if you are not since you can used your speed oven), it eliminates the warming drawer (which I love and use lots). Then you can have just a drawer for storage!

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Electrolux's 30"w ovens (Icon or otherwise) may have the best broilers out there in an electric oven. 4000 watts, 8-pass element, open-door, variable heat/thermostatically adjustable.

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