do you like our floor plan?

housemyJuly 26, 2012

about us: 3 kids, sometimes visiting parents. Total 5-7 people living in the house.

about the lot: 80*136. facing south. in midwest with hot summer and cold winter.

Because usually 5-7 people live in the house, we prefer one big dining area and one big kitchen island, rather than a small breakfast room and a big formal dining room.

Because our parent do not want to climb to the second floor every day, we have a bedroom and a full bath on the main floor.

We have three kids. Two kids live in the bigger bedroom on the second floor, and one kid live in the smaller bedroom.

Limited by the budget, the total living area should be no more than 3100 sqft. Currently,

First floor: 1520 sqft

Second floor: 1600 sqft

architect is working on the basement now.

We are wondering whether this floor plan is good enough for us. Also we are wondering whether there will be any reselling issues in the future.

Thanks for any comments!

main floor

main floor in 3D

second floor

second floor in 3D

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I like the plan overall, but the master bath is not my favorite. The corner whirlpool tub is a pet peeve of mine.The layout seems disjointed to me, but I am not the best at layouts.

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It looks nice!

My only thought...

The downstairs bedroom requires the occupant to walk into the common areas to use the bathroom. It is a short walk, but I wouldn't like having to pass the living room crowd when I first wake up en route to use the facilities.

This is certainly not a big deal, but just something to consider.

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I like the plan overall. I'm not sure what your property is like, but if you are in an area where the homes are close by, I know that my parents would not love staying in a bedroom that faces the street. That's probably a personal preference, but in general, I'm not a fan of 1st floor bedrooms that face the street. Is there a way to flip flop the mud room/pantry with the guest room/bathroom? I also agree about the comment of having to walk through the main living space to use the bathroom. If your parents aren't going to be spending a lot of time at your house, it's probably not a big deal. But, if they will be there regularly, I would try to have an entry to the bathroom from both the bedroom and the hallway. Just some thoughts.... Good luck!

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Thanks, gaonmymind, lolauren, and gobruno! Our parents stay with us only once in a while. That room is a south-facing room with good sunlight, and this is why we use it as a bedroom or office.

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One more question is whether the 6*12 two-story foyer is too small, or is ok. Thanks

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The foyer is a good size for an entryway. There isn't a staircase so I don't think you need more room. My foyer is GINORMOUS is 14.10 x 10.2 a bit overscaled but I plan to furnish it. Also it is one story.

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Apparently, my earlier comment didn't take.
Please find a way to get the Master and J&J bath toilet rooms to have an outswing door or pocket door (no inswings). Inswings are dangerous unless in a large room or extra long room... (hinges on the inside. If a person has a medical emergency (don't laugh, it happens more than you'd care to think) while on the toilet and they fall forward they land against the door. The EMT can't get to them because they are blocking the door and there is not room to "push" the body out of the way...)

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Sophie Wheeler

Lots of wasted space in the laundry. It could very easily be half that size and be fine. I'd give over the room to the kitchen to be able to get rid of that corner sink. Corner sinks are a PIA and there is no way you're going to get a standard double sink like you show into a corner cabinet without scooping the sides and weakening it. Plus, it makes for a single user sink. Overall though, the rest of the kitchen is pretty functional and the prep sink is even in the right spot!

I'd also straighten out the useless little jogs of the kitchen and the garage. It does nothing functionally, and only adds expense to the framing and roofing. You will only be able to have tiny windows in those angles by the time you account for framing and casings. I'm talking you're lucky if you can have 20" of glass total. Also, your "jogs" don't line up correctly from one floor to the next. If you "got" to have them, those jogs need to be much larger in order to be both decorative and functional, but that will also affect your budget. (Yes, I know it's opposite advice to eliminate them or make them larger, but one or the other needs to happen. They don't work as is.) Do you have room on the lot for a side load garage? It would look much better. Or tuck the garage even further behind the main home's face if you can't manage a side load.

Do you really want to have 1/4 of your entire build devoted to a master suite? It shorts the other rooms, and is off proportionately to the size of the rest of the home. The closet is awkwardly shaped, and too large. (Yes, there IS such a thing when it will impair function.) Being over the garage, it's also likely to be poorly insulated and thus will suffer from temperature swings that will lead to mustiness in your clothes. Make sure that you insulate the garage ceiling properly as well as have both an HVAC vent and return in the close, even if it becomes smaller.

If your ground floor guest room won't host guests but a couple of times a year, do a Murphy bed or sofa bed and use it as the office for the 90% of the time it will be unoccupied. It's wierd to most people to come in the front door and be confronted with a private space like a bed room. It's also uncomfortable for any guests to walk past the front door in their PJs on their way to the toilet. En suite access is a must here. That's a change I'd strive to incorporate in order to make the situation more user friendly both as an office and as a guest room. The laundry is big enough that if you want to add a powder room there to compensate for the bath becoming en suite, it's more than doable.

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Oh, it's nice to see the upstairs! We only saw the main floor, on the kitchen forum :)

I already left comments on your other post, but I agree with Kirkhall about the kids' bathroom...maybe a pocket door to the toilet/tub area?

Nice master walk in closet! With a closet that large, have you considered a bench and maybe a clerestory window? It's nice to have a little natural light and I believe that side of the house will face east. Great light, in the morning!

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Kirkhall, thanks for your help again! We are not familiar with pocket door, and not sure whether a kid can easily open it or not. If so, we definitely want to have a pocket door.

Hollysprings, thanks for very long comments! We will reduce the sizes of the laundry room and master closet. But it is hard to "straighten out the useless little jogs". The kitchen jogs are used because we need a bigger master room on the second floor (19*15). If we remove the kitchen jogs, the master bedroom is only 19*13. The garage jogs are needed, because a second floor bathroom is on top of it. We do not want any bathroom on top of garage because of very cold winter here.

Lavender_lass, it is nice to see you here again, and thank you for your help! Yes, we will change to a pocket door, and have a small master closet.

Thank you all!

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We have a guest room that opens with double doors off our entry. It's a beautiful room. But we did put the bathroom IN it as we didn't want any guests, including our parents, to feel awkward about coming out of that space to use the bathroom or the facilities or wash their face, shower, etc. guests rooms should make guests comfortable. You should somehow incorporate the closet and bathroom and have them open from inside the room.

You could easily put your powder room in the laundry area and have it be a nice pretty one.

I agree about the ginormous closet and the layout of the master bath and closet. I think that could be done better.

Overall I think it looks comfortable.

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I would get rid of the open foyer, and add space to the bigger bedroom. When you consider the space used in the opening to the bedroom, it really is only about 11 x 12. It seems smaller than the small bedroom. I would put a bigger closet where the open foyer area is, and try to put in a second bath for the larger bedroom.

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LilFlowers MJLN

Holly Springs. There are ways to make the cabinet fit a corner sink without having to separate bowls. I see it all the time in pictures of Acadian or Louisiana style homes here in Louisiana. I'm providing a picture of one such sink.

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