Does suction vary with Miele (and other vacs) by country?

DayBaxAugust 22, 2013

I noticed that some Miele vacs in the UK are listed as 2200 Watts and in the US as 1200 watts. Does this change the suction or is it just how complicated electrical math works with 120 v/s 220 volt power? :)

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It's all about the construction. Efficiently designed air paths and nozzles make the difference. Many consumers relate high wattage to high suction but most manufacturers have been offering "Eco" models sinceseveral years now. These use less power, are quieter and still suck - in a good way. I used to work as a appliance sales person and we had a Bosch vacuum on offer that would just pull 900 watts but due to its efficient design, it still managed to almost tear off the carpet.

Besides, US vacuums traditionally had and have motor-driven brushes that really boost performance. These power heads are still a premium accessory on our market, thus high suction is needed.


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Thanks, what about if it is the same model of vac, like an S7 or S8 but the wattage varies by country but everything else is the same?

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Interesting question because there is more involved than a simple voltage difference for electric motors. Euro power is 50 Hertz and N.A. is 60 Hertz so each will provide a different motor speed barring some variable built in inverter. Other things being equal, a motor built for use in N.A. will run 20% faster.

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It really is interesting, at least to me :) I have two Miele's already, both say 1200 watts here in the US. I wonder about the suction and if there is a difference in how the settings compare. The lowest setting is drapes, I am sure that would be the same but the steps between that and full power (bare floor) might vary between country. I guess I mean are the levels of suction the same in all countries? Is the bare floor setting in the UK the same as the middle setting on the US models?

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I'm guessing vacuum cleaners in the US aren't as powerful as those in 240v countries, just as Americans have to wait forever for their 120v dishwashers or 120v washing machines to heat the water, and in some cases, for their "high speed" ovens to cook their food.

I have one of the few 240v washing machines sold in the US, and it's great having a 2500 watt internal heater rather than the 1000 watt heater found in 120v washers (if it has one at all); it completes a cycle faster, even though I have it attached only to a cold water line (which saves hot water in the tank for showers and baths).

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