The weirdest thing (Christmas present)

vacuumfreakJanuary 4, 2011

So, I exchanged gifts with a friend a few nights ago and he gave me something so strange! I got him a paper shredder... his only worked in reverse and he'd never had a good one... I've given paper shredders before and people always love them for some reason so I knew it would be a hit :o) Anyway, what he gave me is this thing called the Starlight Lamp. It is a fiber optic light with flashing, dancing LED lights. The fiber optic bundle sits on a base that rotates so that the lights can spin around! That feature can be turned on or off. There are several different light patterns that can be chosen from pulses to slow or fast fades. The speed at which the patterns change can be altered. It plays a few musical tones (new age type stuff... the stuff you would hear if you were having a massage or in a meditation class), and even a few nature sounds. My favorite is the one of the waves crashing on the shore. The lights can be set to change in response to sound or music, and the sensitivity of that feature can be increased or decreased. There is also a volume control for the speaker. There are audio in/out jacks, and even an A/C adapter (which is not included) jack if you don't want to use batteries. It can be placed on a table or stand on the floor using the 3 included 4 foot legs. I have mine on the stand so Jasper can't attack it.

Anyway, I've never seen anything like it before and at first I thought it was a little tacky, but I must admit, I really like it now! The only thing that would make it better is if it had a remote control! Here are a few pics.

This last picture is with it spinning.

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Bobby, How nice that your friend gave you a gift that you can enjoy.


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I think I like it! Sort of like a lava lamp only different...

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I think your friend wants to party with you, LOL!

Enjoy your novelty item and I give you permission to move it to your laundry room when you are done. Or let Jasper have at it.

(Whatcha watching on Netflix?)

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I remember those from years ago! Loved them. (back in the 70's) My BF at the time got me one for xmas. No sounds or music, just the light. Enjoy Bobby!

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I just got my kids one for the playroom and they LOVE it! Enjoy your Bobby - it brought back lots of fun memories for me too.

BTW - the one I got my kids doesn;t play the new age music, but it does have the light show and spin. Not sure the 9 and 12 yo's would like the nerw age stuff anyway! LOLOL!

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I got him a paper shredder... his only worked in reverse

?.... I'm imagining that it turned shreds into whole pieces of paper.

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I view that as the most significant gift item.

It says a lot about what's happening to our world. That one thing, fiber optics, has completely changed world history and cilvilization in a very short time.

Without fiber optics, there would be no internet, cell phones, GPS, youtube ----------

Fiber optics is a very fascinating science. Those little fibers can carry over 300,000 telephone conversations simultaniously with no interferences.


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Wow, I'm glad other people know about these things. They are fun :o) I just wish the ocean track wouldn't have the bird chirping, it messes up the serenity of white noise. I guess that's what the big metal table fan is for beside my bed!

Jessy, I'd just finished watching some Dick Van Dyke... I've never been much of a fan, but there are a few episodes that are truly great like the Christmas episode and the one where Laura gets her foot stuck in the bath tub. Laura and the kid really annoy me, as does Buddy, but I adore Sally :o) I LOVE being able to stream right to the TV with the Wii!

Cloudychristine, that was funny!

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I like that present a lot, and it does remind me of fiber optics from the 70's, particularly Jones Hall in Houston, which I first visited when I was at Rice. That was also when I bought my first strobe light! I think you got a great gift.

I was also a fan of Sally on the DVD Show.


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CC, that was funny.

Bobby, I do remember those from waaay back. I had relatives who thought they were quite sophisticated. Ahem. Nice present, though.

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Yes, I remember them too, my girls actually bought hand held ones at the circus one year! They loved them.

That was back when fiber optics were brand new and no one knew they were going to change the world, but they were still neat when you turned off all the lights.

I still have a fiber optic Jack O Lantern too, so there. I think it still works.


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