Our Unhappy Experience with Electrolux Ovens

djmoynihanAugust 13, 2012

We purchased an EW30EW65GS double wall oven in August 2008 for $2,999 as part of a complete kitchen remodel.

In the less than 4 years we have owned the oven, we have had four service calls on the oven and are currently in need of our fifth. Here are the problems we've had:

In November 2008 the clock assembly went and was replaced under warranty. Parts of the numbers are missing again, but that is not our main concern at this time.

In April 2010, the upper oven would not heat. Our dealer was able to get Electrolux to make a "concession" regarding the replacement parts. The motor/blower and a switch were replaced. Even with the parts "concession", this repair cost us $198.00.

In September 2010, the lower oven failed. Our dealer replaced the element in the lower oven. Our dealer waived their labor charge and this repair cost us $182.95.

In December 2011, the upper oven failed again. I contacted Electrolux customer service and they refused to do anything to help as the oven was out of warranty. This repair cost us $397.57 in parts and labor.

Last week, the upper oven failed for a third time.

In a last ditch effort before buying new ovens of a different brand, I contacted Electrolux customer service one more time. The offered only a discount on parts and suggested that I should have purchased an extended warranty.

For perspective, all the other appliances we installed in our remodel have been great (Wolf LP cooktop, JennAir fridge, Bosch dishwasher, GE Monogram wine/beer fridges, Best hood).

I am extremely disappointed with our Electrolux ovens and Electrolux customer service.

In searching for replacement ovens, we are also finding that there are very few other ovens (Wolf, some Kitchenaid models) that will fit the cut out dimensions of the Electrolux without significant rework of our cabinets.

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Do a "Shout out" for Chris Polk or email him.

With an exception or 2, most of us here in GW have had excellent service from our Electrolux ovens, of course I know that does not help you any!

As I've posted Many Times, every double oven made, regardless of manufacturer will have far more problems than a single oven, alto there are folks here with double Elux ovens and no problems. You can go to many sites, AJMadison being one of the best and just count the # of stars for the single ovens, then do the same for double ovens, and then figure some kind of percentage. In just about all cases, percentage wise, double ovens will have fewer 5 star reviews and many more 1, 2 or 3 star reviews, regardless of the manufacturer.

As other folks have also mentioned, here in GW, that (at least with the currently designed ovens),especially the doubles, due to the extra metal that heats up, your problems with the ovens will go up if you "self clean them", so many of us do not. Kitchen aid really had a problem in this regard, and back around 2009-2010 (maybe earlier) so did Elux, although, in most cases, the Elux just tripped a thermal device, still a pain though as the oven/ovens had to be removed to reset the thermal device. All the makers should take a lesson from "Dacor" in making the reset device easy to get at, alto many posts can be found about(Older Decors), that seemed to have fried main boards which kind of makes the "Easy to get at thermal reset, rather useless.

Really sorry to hear about your problems, but I've spent years studying all the ovens, (Nothing Scientific, mind ya), but from my studies, I just do not see any ovens with a better reliability record than Electrolux, and I really hope they "step up to the Plate" on this one as ALL OF US ARE WATCHING!!!! and some Oven decisions will likely be based upon the final outcome of your Electrolux Experience!

Best of luck with it!!

Here's Chris's info:

Chris Polk
Online Outreach Representative
Electrolux Major Appliances, North America

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Dear dodge59-

Thanks very much for your message. Unfortunately, I've already reached out to Chris Polk. He was the "last ditch" effort I made with Electrolux customer service before posting my concerns on this forum. I gave him a detailed account of our issues but he offered just a discount on replacement parts. So, from my perspective, Electrolux made the decision not to "step up to the plate" and make our situation right.

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I don't understand this "step up to the plate" concept. Appliances and other consumer items come with a warranty which is the manufacturer's entire obligation. Now I agree that things today are not made like they used to be (I still have a fridge in the garage and a washer/dryer that are going strong after 31 years), but I don't understand why people expect manufacturers to provide warranty service after the warranty expires - sometimes a manufacturer will do so for goodwill but that's not the norm. I'm personally not a big fan of extended warranties but that is a way to minimize your risk.

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I think a lotta folks, me included, think an oven should last for more than a couple years.

In about a year and a half,
(November of 2008 until April of 2010) this oven started having what many of us here would consider "Serious problems", the clock more of a nuisance thing and fixed under warranty.

Some folks will look at the Op's posts, and "Possibly" Think, I don't want an oven that starts having problems after 1.5 years and needs replacement in 4 years.

We know there are quite a few happy owners of Elux ovens in Garden Web, but I'm sure you are familiar with ?????

"one Aw S*** erases 1000 Attaboys" and in running my very small business for 16 years, I Never forgot that!

We will see how the cards roll here, but I don't see any "Good hands" coming up for Elux, alto I would love to be proved wrong, due to the fact that I, Myself am a big Elux fan.

Anyway getting back to the Op's problem.
What ovens are you currently looking at, and have you
(at the very least) done a search for reviews of said ovens in Garden Webb?. I know of a couple very expensive ovens that are having problems, No I'm not talking about the Mieles.


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Others may have different expectations, but I certainly did not expect a $3,000 oven to break 5 times in less than 4 years.

I'm already out more than $800 in repairs and am shocked that Electrolux won't do more than offer me discounted parts to make it right - whether they have a legal obligation to do so or not.

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Well I agree with you that an oven should not break 5 times in less than 4 years - you've certainly had a run of bad luck particularly with what's generally considered a reliable brand. Sadly, it's because in general people aren't willing to pay for quality anymore - that's why manufacturers use cheaper and cheaper parts, outsource the work, etc. People want cheap prices and then are upset when things aren't reliable. I've been lucky I guess with my appliances but my previous laptop had the display die after 13 1/2 months and the manufacturer's attitude was tough luck.

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This is very disappointing as these problems have been ongoing. If they have so few problems with the ovens, they should make this right as the cost would be small, percentage wise. If my Electrolux had this many problems, I would not be buying another one.

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How is a $3,000 oven cheap? O'Keefe & Merrit stoves that still work fine originally cost the equivalent of $800-1700 today.

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@djmoynihan: What kind of usage does the oven see... how many times do you run self clean? what kind of cooking and at what temperature is the oven used?

I am asking just to have information available as to possible cause(s) of failure of the oven and NOT to defend or have any possible excuse for the manufacturer.

I bought the elux double oven as well and they informed the model was changed which fixed some issues from the previous one my model is: EW30EW6CGS.


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We use the ovens for routine family baking and roasting at moderate temperatures (350-400). I can't remember the last time we used the broil feature on either oven - maybe once in 4 years. Very infrequent self cleaning - less than once a year.

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Sounds like U baby it, djmoynihan, that has the be a "PITA".
I don't give a second thought to how I use mine, except, as I mentioned, we don't use the self cleaning.

I am a bit amazed, (maybe I shouldn't be) that Elux does not recognize the benefits of ending your "ordeal" in a positive manner---It's the "Cheapest Advertising" they can get.

Let me give you an example---For those of you that get bored by my sample, my sincere apologies, but this is a true example how money, "Spent in the Right Place" REALLY PAYS OFF!!!!

I sold my 1st scientific instrument to Caterpillar.
2 days later, I check phone messages after getting back from lunch. One msg from new customer that bought the Instrument, "This Piece of s*** is down and it's gonna stay down till you come and get it".

I was on the next plane to where the customer was located.
I found that his lab had been "Sabatoged" over the weekend.
Somebody added water to all his oil samples, creating a sludge that plugged up the uptake system on the instrument.
I cleaned it all out, showed him how to tell if it is plugged up, ask him if he had any operator questions, answered same,thanked him for his business, then spent the night in a motel.

Next day, I turned in the Rental car, caught a plane back home. All this at my expense and considerably more money than it would cost to take care of the Op's post!

So what was my return on investment here:?
I sold a lot of these instruments to Caterpillar.
Most all of them took service agreements with me.

In the 16 years I was in business, I never spent even a "Plug Nickel" for "Conventional Advertising"---You know, skinny blonds, etc etc.

My Customers did my advertising!!!

So one wonders, I was just a 5 person company, yet I could afford to act as I did and see the "Possible benefit of doing so". Yet here we have what was the largest Appliance Company in the World, (Until Whirlpool went on its buying Spree) and they either can't afford or see the wisdom in making the kind of decision I did---I guess they are worried about "Setting A Precedent"----Ya Thinks?

Anyway, I really hope your next oven is trouble free and if not, whatever company You choose is able to "Step up to the Plate"!!!


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dodge59 - I understand what you're saying but it sounds like you were selling custom scientific instruments into a specialized market.

These days appliances have become disposable commodities. I agree the $3k isn't cheap but I'd bet the item contains cheap components and lots of electronics - these days even the very high end brands do. Frankly every brand get bad reviews so if you don't like one brand all you can do is switch to another bad brand. I've had very good luck with Kitchenaid/Whirlpool fridges but there's another thread where someone is totally trashing them.

Actually, even worse than using cheap parts is the introduction of electronics into everything. I think that's a large part of the problem. Hey even expensive Miele ovens can't reach and/or maintain a temperature. Does one really need 7 cooking modes in an oven?!? Some brands do have better reliability but even they have lemons and frankly if the product survives the warranty period, the manufacturers are happy. Welcome to the new world!

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I looked for data about problems with this model oven, to see if the reported (repeated) issues are isolated or characteristic of this model, but searching the CPSC site found nothing for this model #.

$3000 seems high for a disposable commodity, in my budget... Consumers have, or should have, some say in how we expect appliances to perform and last, as well as how we expect manufacturers to respond to individual "lemons" or models redesigned because of systemic problems (as this oven may have been). We can buy brands that stand by their products.

From Elux's perspective, I think Gary's tactic would be smart here, even in this new world.

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As an engineer, assuming that the Electrolux design is solid, the problem is in the parts. Unfortunately, these parts are probably made in China, where quality can vary widely, and testing / inspection is non-existant.

It's a shame to see them play 'rope a dope' with their customers. Obviously, no appliance should breakdown repeatedly, in the first couple of years of use.

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That's a shame. I was considering Elux for my wall oven, especially based on Gary's glowing reviews, but they're spendy, at least compared to other "mainstream" ovens. I probably will go with an ikea oven - half the cost and a 5 year warranty. I could use it for 5 years under warranty and then replace it and break even on the cost of the appliance, with full warranty coverage for 10 years to boot.

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meangoose - aren't Ikea and Electrolux associated? I thought some Ikea appliances were rebranded Elux.

We have Elux wave-touch single oven and so far (3 months) I have nothing but good things to say about it. We did get an extended service warranty because of the electronics, but so far it's performed perfectly. I'm very sorry to hear the OP's problems.


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i agree with the cheap parts. but also, companies are not spending money on R&D. it is cheaper for them to send their product to the consumer, let them be the R&D department. then, when the appliance breaks, its recorded, info sent to manufacturer, then "replacement" parts sent out and/or recalls sent out.
we, the consumer, are now the "guinea pigs". this way is so much cheaper for them but it is now our headache, unfortunately.
R&D costs millions, so they are now alleviating their cost and putting it on us.

the consumer is always getting scr**ed.

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I would do some more "Research" before making comments such as "cheap parts" or "made in China".

The heating elements of the Electrolux ovens, also some Boshes and other manufacturers, are distributed by a company called
TriCity Bendix. That company is located in the UK,
(Now owned by Electrolux).

We also see the name Zanussi on some of these heating elements, and that "Was" an Italian company---Now owned by

"So far" I have not been able to find where the parts are actually made.

In searching for MANY HOURS, I have not been able to find any failures of the "regular" heating elements (Bottom &Broil) elements. I have found posts about failures of the circular heater around the convection fan, but I have seen
these priced below $20 on different web-sites (Ebay, etc) and there is even a video that shows how to replace it yourself
----Should they fail in less than 5 years---course not!

I also think comments, that R&D is not going on with the oven manufacturers, is unfounded. Again, I have not been able to find , "even one post", where heater elements have failed, except for the convection one.

Electrolux sells a ton of ovens, they also sell ovens under the names AEG, TriCity Bendix, and Zanussi----that's a lot of ovens, folks, and as most of us know, most folks that have them and have no problems----WeLL We never hear
from them---Me along with a few other folks here on GW being the Exceptions!

AS I mentioned, in my earlier post, It is far more expensive the way Electrolux is handing this "Particular oven's problem", (djmoynihan's) as it appears it has already cost them at least one sale, but that's up to them to "Roll the Dice".

I did find it interesting in doing my research for failed oven heaters, That "AEG" products (Electrolux) that are sold in Europe come with a 5 year warranty. One wonders why us "Poor Yanks"
"get our chains Yanked"(one year warranty in US, 5 In Europe), as well as not being offered "The Latest & Greatest"---that usually comes out in Europe first and sometimes several year ahead of us----hmmmmmm U think they are using the Euros as the "guinea pigs"?

Anyway, I hope this "Clears the Air", a bit on some of the postings here that "May be a bit misleading" and "probably" posted without doing the research to back up "Said Postings".


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My 8 year old car needs a new transmission, and it only has 40K miles on it. Do you think that I can demand that the manufacturer replace it for me? Would it make a difference if I said that it was a 15K Hyundai or a 75K Mercedes?

Didn't think so.

What if I write nasty things about them on their Facebook page and do a post in every automobile forum I can find complaining about them not giving me a new transmission? Do you think that type of pressure will cause them to cave in? Should it? Should the threat of negative publicity cause a manufacturer to cave in to a consumer's demands? Isn't that providing positive reinforcement for demanding behavior and doesn't it set a bit of an expectation that all you need to do is complain loud enough and you'll get your way no matter how invalid the issue you have might be?

The warranty period is the warranty period. Sometimes you get the item that expires a month past the expiration of the warranty, and sometimes you get the item that lasts 20 years with zero issues. It's a crapshoot, no matter the cost of the item.

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Like jadeite, I got extended warranty on my Elux double wall oven. I just thought of it as part of the price; it wasn't very much as a percentage of the purchase price. But it does give me peace of mind against things all falling apart within 5 years. I'm wary of the electronics, too. It's been almost a year, I've done self clean about 3 times, and no problems yet. I would definitely still buy an Elux. KA's record of dealing with consumer problems with their ovens is much worse.

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I'm sorry to hear about your poor experience with Electrolux. I understand the point about the warranty being the warranty, but it sounds like this particular oven pair has not ever worked consistently, and given that, I'd hope that Electrolux would concede that something was not right in the original manufacture. I wouldn't say that if they'd worked beautifully for 4 years and then went "boom" one day--but this pair seems to have had problems from the get-go.

I've been very happy with my E'lux double ovens, installed in the fall of 2010. No problems in the last two years--and while I don't beat up on them, I don't baby them either. So far, so good.


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sounds like a lemon. so sorry, I really am, had a similar situation with a fridge. We've had our Kitchen Aid double ovens for going on 15 years. All those years ago I just had to have the convection option which I would never buy again. It never did do what I thought it would and I just don't need it. It made them very expensive too and the fan is louder than if not there. But other than that they have been wonderful and have worked well all this time. They still look good and work well. Very pleased. I hope you can get this resolved and if you do buy a new double wall oven I am wishing you all the best with the new ones.

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Ikea works with Whirlpool for their appliances.

GreenDesigns, if your 8 year old car ran fine through the warranty period, and then 5 years after the warranty there was a problem, then no, I wouldn't expect the manufacturer to make it right. To me, at least, the OPs situation is different in that her ovens have broken down multiple times in what is reasonably their early life.

Elux has the right to not make repairs or replacements; they're out of warranty, and thus, their legal obligation has ended.

With that said, the consumer has the right to speak her mind here or in any other forum about what she (rightly in my opinion given the information so far here) feels about the quality of the appliance she was sold. She also has the right to name it like she sees it about Elux's service. Now, that may or may not prompt Elux to fix these problematic ovens - that's their right. Just like us regular folks though, there are consequences for companies based on the decisions they make.

I have experience on both sides of the argument. I'm a consumer, and I also run a small business that sells a product. My return period is one month (the product is small, very cheap, and very uncomplicated - not a lot of failure points exist.) However, if a defective product goes out and someone complains to me six months later, I'm likely to give them a new one free of charge. The goodwill factor is that important to me, and so it's a decision I've made and I accept the consequences.

When I'm a consumer, I usually don't buy the extended warranty. I understand that I am taking a risk in doing this, but I look for quality to begin with. I would rather have a product that just works than one that breaks often, but hey, the repairs are covered.

Elux has provided upper oven parts for this person 3 times in four years, and they still don't have it right. Now, I might accept that through some unfortunate quirk of fate a quality appliance may break well within what is reasonably considered its term of service. But the same thing over and over? No way. It's legal, but it sure isn't quality.

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Well said, meangoose.

Mr Polk (Ms?), if you're monitoring this thread, please consider addressing your customer's concerns from a more practical standpoint. Refusing repair on a machine that has broken down in the same way, so frequently, in such short order, is really not carrying out your end of the bargain in good faith.

Wall ovens are expensive, they are major, "durable" goods and as such, used to be defined (by Standard Occupational Codes at least) as being an appliance expected to last 3 years. Interestingly, this definition seems perhaps to have changed, at least colloquially?.

In any case, the specifics are not the point, the good faith is. We consumers agree to purchase an item and accept the risk that it might fail outside of the warrantee period, but reciprocally, we expect a company to produce a product that is unlikely to fail within or immediately without that period. When it breaks repeatedly, starting within that period, we have a right to expect you to feel some responsibility for the creation of an inherently faulty unit.

Particularly because it is claimed that so many of these units are trouble-free, it would seem this particular unit was aberrant. As such, it is reasonable to hope that you will accept responsibility for its aberrations ... and replace it.

Besides, practically, think how much goodwill you could buy, and how cheaply, by just replacing this thing? Instead of netting a loss of many, many potential customers moving forward through who-knows-how-many years, for practically nothing you can flip a small army of appreciative consumers into becoming loyal customers of yours. People are appreciative when businesses do the right thing. The right thing is to accept responsibility for an aberantly faulty machine.

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Sophie Wheeler

The appliance was repaired once under warranty---for a completely trivial component. Doesn't sound like such a "lemon" to me if it only broke once under warrant. And when it failed to work shortly after the warranty ran out, Electrolux came through and worked with the OP on parts to repair the oven. Sounds like good customer service to me.

And the OP continued to use self clean, which if he'd done any research at all, is the root of the issues of the problem. Attempting to minimize the problems that you might have in the future with any appliance sounds like a pretty good idea, doesn't it? It also sounds like a good idea if you want to continue to do something that increases your chances of needing a repair that you purchase an extended warranty to help you deal with paying for those repairs.

Why didn't the OP buy an extended warranty when they had the first repair? The second repair? The third repair? The fourth? There was PLENTY of opportunity to do so. It would have taken care of all of the repairs. If you aren't handy enough to fix something yourself, you have to pay someone else to do it, or you take out "insurance" in the form of an extended warranty to be sure that the cost to yourself is minimized.

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It really sounds like you have a lemon on your hands. I had a similar experience with Whirlpool and it's very frustrating to say the least.

I think it's important for companies to hear from consumers when there are problems. After I've gone through the appropriate hoops, I write the head of the company or division involved and just tell the story. I don't do to "get something" - I do it because those folks need to know when there are problems and how their customer service dept responds. With Whirlpool, I outlined the problems, the service and said "this is why there will never be another Whirlpool product in our home". We just finished a total remodel of the kitchen and there are no Whirlpools to be seen.

I also do this when I've had a great experience - again, they need to know.

If you're interested, the President of Electrolux USA is Keith R. McLoughlin and the corporate address is 10200 David Taylor Drive, Charlotte NC 28262.

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This is the great thing about the internet. The consumer has a voice. We can each decide if the O P was treated fairly and if we would want to buy an Electrolux appliance. I have been a fan due to my good experience so far but it is how you are treated when you have a problem that counts.
I also feel if self clean is on the product, it is meant to be used.

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