So if I come to Florida......

doucanoeJanuary 25, 2011

Who'd be up for a get-together?

My mom wants to visit her friends in St. Pete, but does not want to travel alone. I told her I would think about accompanying her.

Now, I love my mom to death, but I can handle staying with my her maybe two days...tops. (For one thing she gets up at the crack of dawn and is in bed by 7pm every night...). Depending on where I end up for the remainder, I may need some hotel recommendations. We'll deal with that later.

Anyhoo...I am thinking it would probably be around the end of February, and I would probably stay a total of 5 days.

Would love to see whom I could get together with as long as I am there. I'll probably rent a car and don't have any qualms about driving anywhere at all. I have driven from Clearwater to Orlando to Cocoa Beach, so I am familiar with the middle of the state, anyway! LOL

Anyone game?


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Me, me, me--raising hand high!

I can be your travel agent, companion, tour guide, you name it. You will be 35 to 40 miles from me.

I think Lakemayor will still be here at that time.


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That would be great, Cathy! And a double dose of fun if Karen is still there!

I have to work it out with my mom and my job. Mom wants to stay 3 weeks but doesn't want to travel alone. She'll have to one way or another, because I can't take 3 weeks off work! LOL

Thinking maybe coming down on a Wednesday, staying with mom in the senior park for two nights and heading out on my own on Friday. Hang out until Sunday evening or Monday morning and head back home.

I'll keep you posted when we have definite dates.


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You're kidding me....

Where are all the Floridians?

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I'll still be here and would love to get together with you and certainly Cathy again. Yeah!!! That sounds like fun. I would invite you to stay with us, but our 5th wheel has one bed and 1/2 of bed. In other words, it's pretty small. Keep us posted on your plans.


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Linda, it seems like the forum has slowed down a bit, some people that used to post don't anymore... or at least not often. (Does anyone know what happened to Andrea? She seems to have dropped off the earth! She was my gift swap partner for the last Florida gathering and I haven't heard much from her since then...) I know for me, it's disappointing when I don't get the responses I'd hoped for (on any forum), and when I start to get offended, I remember how busy people are... even me, I can go a whole month or two without even checking the forum... then I might check it every day for a week!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a CF mini-meet with FL residents during your visit? Even if it worked out that you only got to see Cathy while you were here, it would still be great, she's amazing!

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Great post, Bobby.....

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You're right, Bobby, it's slower right now, and a lot of people aren't checking in here on Conversations either.

I know Shaun has been sick, she mentioned being in the hospital, and who else is in Florida, besides Arlene (beachlily)? The other Kathy (gardengrl) moved to Virginia...


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You are right Bobby, and you haven't responded to my open invitation after I redecorated the guest room. LOL. Too late now 'cause I have an unexpectedly house guest(not counting Raymond my usual house guest). And thanks for the kind words!

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I don't have to spend the night :o) I meant to thank you for the invitation but I havent been well lately.... right after you mentioned it, I got an attack of severe back pain.... I couldn't stand and even called the ambulance and spent the night in the hospital... was on narcotics and missed work for a week.... the first time in 5 years I've ever missed work... it was a mess... I thought I was going to die and at that point I wanted to.... by the time I was better, I figured it was too late to respond! I do want to get together though and you were super sweet to invite me. I don't know if it will happen while Linda is in town or not, but either way, I'm looking forward to it!

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Oh poor baby!! I knew you were having back pains but not to that degree; I am so sorry. I have had to go to the hospital 3 times in the last 6 years with back problems so I know (to an extent) what you are going through.

Okay, the invitation is still on the table.


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Thanks Cathy.... at least my back pain is not chronic... I don't feel pain all the time... it's either "full blast" or nothing at all... it happens about once a year, and the only thing that even comes close to being as bad is a sinus infection... but even that isn't as bad as back pain. I think I triggered it by scrubbing the kitchen floor too vigorously or carrying too many groceries in at at time (I try to bring them in all at once to avoid multiple trips... not anymore... now I carry one bag at a time even if I have to make 9 trips). I was on the floor for 24 hours before I decided to call the ambulance... I couldn't stand. I was hoping it would go away and it didn't... they gave me 4 shots at the hospital and 3 prescriptions. I never go to the doctor, so for me to have called the ambulance, the pain was pretty intense. I had to crawl to the door and push the lock to "unlock" with a pencil just to let the EMS people in! I'm going to buy a TENS unit because the electricity really seems to help... I borrowed one from a co-worker and it was the only thing that kept me sane and able to function. I'm sorry you know what I'm going through... I don't want anyone to have to experience pain like that!

Annie, I didn't know that about the other Kathy! Or Shaun. My goodness, I better not stay away so long, look at all the stuff I miss!

Linda, I didn't mean to hijack your thread, and whether or not I get to meet you, I hope you have an awesome time in FL. You should have been here today, the weather was perfect!

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Aw sorry I can't go!!

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beachlily z9a

Arlene (aka beachlily) has a puffy jaw from a root canal. Not happy either.

We are fairly busy this time of year traveling around the state, but the end of Feb. might work out. Your destination is on the west coast and I'm planted on an island on the east coast, but please keep me posted. I know I need to get over there in early March to pick up some daylilies--may be able to work that out to see you and get the plants.

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Well, Linda I am not in Florida but would love to connect again. We will be in Minne near the Mall end of March to the 3rd of April. We are there for a Dance competition. If our schedules match we would love to see you and Tim again.


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Well, it's not happening. Mom doesn't want to go if I can't go for 3 weeks. So maybe next year, Cathy? And Karen you too, do you winter in FL?

Janet I would love to see you when you are in MN. I'll e-mail you my phone number, but you can always e-mail me too at doucanoe at yahoo dot com.

It will be fun to see the three of you again!


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Linda, Yes we winter in Florida. Or at least we did last year and this year. We just retired last year. We come down right after Christmas and stay until the first of April. I'm disappointed that you won't be coming down, I was looking forward to meeting you.

If I'm successful pulling off a CF gathering this summer at my house, perhaps you can come. We don't live that many miles apart.


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Shoot! I was looking forward to the pics :-)

Bobby, I sure hope you feel better soon. I went through a bad bout of back pain so I know kinda what you are going through. Happened about 4 months ago and it still comes and goes. Get better!!!

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