Would you install Electrolux wall oven...no warranty...?

valrussAugust 31, 2012

Need forum members advice. I picked up a new Electrolux 30" double oven. I believe it's the one that is rated so well on AJ Madison. I have a friend who works for a competing company that bought it to basically see how it works compared to their product. They never actually plugged it up other than the displays. I got it for a good price but it has no warranty and our kitchen design will incorporate this oven. I've read on here that this if we have an issue with this oven and want to replace it changes will have to be made to cabinetry.

Would you risk it and put it in or sell it and get something with a warranty or simply go with a range instead of wall ovens? I've read so many horror stories about all the electronic issues with these ovens it makes me want to go with a basic gas oven.

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I might think about an aftermarket appliance warranty if the price was good enough.

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I didn't think you could get those without buying from a specific store...?

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There's a company called Square Trade that sells warranties. I've linked the website below. They sell warranties on amazon for products you buy at amazon and they sell warranties at Costco. I believe you can buy a warranty from them directly at their website. I've had 2 warranties from them but haven't needed to use them so I can't vouch for their service but they get very good reviews.

Here is a link that might be useful: Square Trade

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I second the recommendation for Square Trade. They sell lots of warranties for new and almost-new goods. We bought extended warranties for our induction cooktop, plasma TV, laptop and cell phones from them. We've made one claim which they met promptly, with no hassle.


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I'll check out Square Trade right away. Heard of them but thought you could only use them with something you bought directly thru Amazon.

My big concern is having the cabinets built around this particular oven then having issues, deciding to change it out then finding no other wall oven fits in the same area...

My plan was to go with a CC or Bluestar Range top to keep the electronics minimal but when we got a steal on this double oven I thought, well, it cannot be that bad. Now that I've seen it has soooo much electronics to it the thought of arranging everything around this double oven and then having issues creates a nightmare scenario.

On option is to sell it, a wolf cooktop(cheaper one), two wolf downdraft vents and simply by a BS or CC 48" range.
I will have large kitchen so I have the room for the double oven but as always trying to save money and reduce potential for problems down the road. The appliances mentioned above were all purchased at the same time and are all brand new but with no warranties. My last kitchen was quite a bit smaller with a Frigidaire Gallery smoothtop range..conv., all the bells and whistles, KA refrig, dishwasher and never had one single large issue in 10 years.

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Since you got such a good deal, get installation instructions for competing models from other manufacturers ( most manufacturers offer them as downloads ) and have the cabinet makers make the cabinet large enough to accommodate the normal sized units from other manufacturers, and have them make a cutout for your actual unit. If it dies, you can then enlarge the cutout so that you can get a replacement from someone else. If the replacement is smaller, you can get someone to make up filler pieces, stained to match, so it will fit.

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Barryv: Yes, that was my next thought with this oven. Square Trade warranty is out since I didn't get it on ebay or an official re-seller. Now I'm back to a Bluestar Range and may just sell the Electrolux if it's too much trouble for the cabinet maker..have to talk with him about that.

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