Round Japanese-Style Deep Soaking Tubs

vineyardSeptember 25, 2007

Well, DH and I visited a Tubz showroom today to look at what we thought we wanted, the Aquatic Millenium IX (77" round/30" deep). However, after sitting in the round tubs they had on display, my favorite was the Neptune Osaka (52" round/36" deep). Here's a photo, although ours will be ordered sans headrests:

I was surprised at how comfortable I felt in the Japanese-style soaking tub with a seat and upright back position, but for the first time I actually felt like it would be enjoyable to spend more than 10 minutes in a tub! I didn't think I would like not being able to stretch my legs out completely, but it honestly was not an issue once I tried it out and even sat in it for a while.

I'd love to hear feedback from Japanese-style tub owners. I think if I like the tub so much just from sitting in it dry on the showroom floor, I should really love it once I am able to use it in our new bathroom...right?

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Vineyard: would you mind divulging the price - we are debating between something like this vs. a regular hot tub. Thanks!

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I defintitely recommend sitting in tubs before you select one. I was hiping to use either the Osaka or MTI's Furo (a square Japanese=style soaking tub) as they would have fit my design perfectly and they seemed like they would be comfortable. After taking a trip up to Tubz (I flew up from southern california) and sitting in a bunch of soaking tubs, I decided that they were not as comfortable for me as I had hoped and I went with a deep corner tub with armrests instead.

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kulagal, the Osaka whirlpool is $2650, the LED light option is $280. They have an "Onsen Spa" option if you want to make it like a regular hot tub and it is even outdoor-approved, but I wasn't interested in that so I don't have the price for that option.

arielitas_mom, I agree about sitting in the tubs before buying! You just never really know what is comfortable until you try it...just looking at pictures, I thought the Aquatic Millenium IX would be more comfy than the Neptune Osaka. Little did I realize that the sitting up position in a cozy tub is a lot more "me" than reclined sitting with legs straight out in a giant-sized tub! For me, since we have a round alcove built for the tub, I only tested the round tubs. The limited selection sure made my decision easier, though! ;)

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We have the Ann Sack's Onzen tub. 48" square and 32" deep. Two seats (one is higher than the other). Optional jets. Love it. Plenty of room for two. Water stays hot (had ordered the inline heater but it came w/o). The timer keeps it on for 30minutes and it's up before you know it.

We did not sit in it before purchasing, but I talked to two owners. No one local carried. Ordered thru the Ann Sack's store in Atlanta. 2yrs ago it was $2052 plus delivery.

Here is a link that might be useful: Onzen Soaking Tub

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allison0704, glad to hear that your Onzen worked out for you (despite you not being able to try it first!) I just know I would have disappointed had I proceeded to order the $8000 Millenium, so I'm thrilled to spend less than half that and get something I really like. :)

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