Received message that I need to upgrade my Windows XP by April 8

gma_jApril 4, 2014

My daughter has a question about whether to update. Following is her question:
I have windows XP on my computer - after April 8 it says windows xp is no longer current / available and I need to upgrade to windows vista or higher for my Microsoft security essentials anti virus to work ...... Do I really need to upgrade or should I just switch to a different anti virus and if so what anti virus is recommended ? Or if I need to upgrade what is the best way to do that ?
Thank you for your input.

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read this

Here is a link that might be useful: Read This

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If you're afraid of the internet, do something. XP will probably continue to function for the next 10 years without doing anything.

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If I were you I would continue to use your XP and get Avast anti virus. You will not be able to get windows updates but some people never get them anyway and they do fine. And before any calls me on that, I do update but I went a long time not doing it and didn't have any problem.

Upgrading does not always work and at the time I did mine, I did not know how to fix the things that were not compatible. One was CD/DVD drive. If you decide to get another PC it will be a windows 8 point something, don't worry about that either. Classic Shell will make it like you are used to.

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Who exactly said she needs to upgrade? Just because Microsoft quits providing updates for an old operating system doesn't mean the operating system goes away or quits working. All it means is that possible future security fixes will no longer be provided. While this makes it a good idea to upgrade your operating system, it is by no means a requirement. If she keeps the antivirus up-to-date, the risk will probably be minimal.

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Even though Microsoft is going to stop supporting Windows XP, if you have a specialty need and do not use the computer to go online, you should be fine. The problem will be for people that have XP and go online they will be vulnerable to hacking. I say if you do not need to upgrade do not as it may be very hard to find the drivers and or software that runs your application(s).

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If firewall is updated, anti virus is updated, and you have updated malware programs etc, she will be just fine, and wont even notice the difference, and she WILL be just as safe on the internet, as she is now, so yes, she can still use internet and not be any more vulnerable to hacking than she or any of us are at the present time.. Thats ridiculous.

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Thank you Cat!!!!

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Thank you everyone for your input on this. I will pass it on to my daughter. I do know she does go on the internet.

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If she uses Firefox for a browser tell her to use the add on called WOT = Web of Trust. It will warn her if the site is not trustworthy.

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I sometimes speak up concerning others' suggestions that seem like Chicken Little-type fear mongering. I also think too many people have too many unsupported fears of unlikely risks on the internet and from PC use in general.

I'm generally in agreement with Kudzu's comments, but let's be realistic - no one knows what the evil doers will do.

Using an XP PC on a network that's unconnected to the internet - I'd say zero risk. Use it in full confidence until the hardware dies.

Using an XP PC on the internet? Time will tell.

Having capable firewalls, updated security software, etc., is a must for all PCs with all operating systems anyway. I have an XP PC that I use very occasionally that has all the protection reasonably available. I'll be sure to remove any personal info and will use it carefully. If I see any hint of odd activity, I'll just replace it. For most PCs old enough to have XP, spending good money to put a newer Windows on old hardware seems a poor choice to me.

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Will someone tell me exactly what the risk is by being hacked. I do not do my banking on my PC, I have no personal info on it, the only way my PC is connected to me is the registration when new. The name of the PC is Emma which is not my real name. Suppose I was using a W 98 PC and I was hacked what terrible thing would happen? I am not being contrary here, I am really curious what would happen.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Any data you have on your machine, such as family photos--that would be looked at and possibly deleted.

Your machine could be so messed up you'd need to delete everything on it and reinstall your original O/S, email, etc. It could be unusable if not repaired.

Your computer could be used to attack other innocent computers. Your email addresses from friends could be used to send out spam that could possibly do them financial harm.

You don't want to be hacked.

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That is what I thought, all of that is fixable. It would be about the same as a family member using my PC. LOL I would be very sorry about my friends and family being spammed, but nothing else is very bad. I keep everything backed up, I have the reformatting CDs. They can see all of my family photos they want, very boring. So it's that risk versus buying a new PC that I won't like.

Thank you.

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Google "bot" (sans quotes). Besides the unrelated information that you can disregard there will be plenty of on-point information included.


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