shower faucet-do they still make these?

hifixerSeptember 1, 2011

In my shower, I have an old faucet where rotating the handle left-right adjusts the temperature and tilting the handle downwards adjusts the volume. I'd like to replace this and get something similar. But when I go to the hardware store and try to explain that I want something where I can control the temperature and volume separately, they always show me a faucet handle with 2 stacked dials/levers - 1 controls the temperature, the other controls the volume. Don't manufacturers make the kind of faucet that moves multi-directionally to control the temperature and volume anymore? If so, how do I describe it to the salesperson?

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take a pic and take in with you?

you'll probably have better chance of finding it at a local hdw than the big box. most 'help' I find at the big box knows nothing - or less.

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Are these the type you're talking about? They were popular in the 80's-90's. You'll need to look in the rough plumbing section (where they sell the PVC and Pex pipes)--look for the replacement trim wall in the big box stores. You will not find them in the faucet section where they have all the pretty, modern faucets on display. Hope this helps!

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We ran into the same problem...everyone thought we were nuts because we wanted to have temperature control AND volume control. We like having lower flow for rinsing the baby/kid and for shaving legs etc. The plastic and chrome low end fixture in our 70's bathroom did this, but none could now? The only place I've ever encountered the 1-volume fixtures is in hotels, never in homes.

We were able to get control over both with a moentrol valve and fixture from Moen. You rotate the handle for temp control, and how far out you pull the handle controls water flow.

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Thank you for your answers! I'm glad you got the idea of what I'm looking for. Is the valve for these types of faucets the thermostatic kind or the pressure-balanced kind? Alku05, can you tell me what model of faucet and valve you got? Thank you.

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They are Moen "moentrol" valves, and several different styles of trims are available for them. The pressure balaced valves are the ones you don't want- they are the same flow rate no matter what.

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The problem is that the old fashioned knobs like you are describing do not have any anti scald protection. Scald protection is now required. You can find "replacement parts" to repair an old installation, but new installations require new valves behind the wall. It will be costlier to go with a single thermostatic type control than one that has two separate controls. That may not be a concern for you, but as most people experience sticker shock when confronted with $600 shower controls, I thought I'd mention it.

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