Pasting from Word 2007 into a Webmail Quadruple Spaces

not2brightApril 11, 2012


I play around a lot with email. Sometimes I use offline clients (Outlook). Sometimes I use webmail. Right now I'm liking my MyOpera webmail. But since the compose window is very small compared to other webmail interfaces, I have been experimenting with composing longer emails (that I edit over several days' time) in Word 2007 and then pasting the final message into the compose window of the webmail. The problem is that Word 2007 does not paste well into the webmail. All double-spacing is itself doubled. IOW, while the sentences within paragraphs are all single-spaced appropriately, paragraphs (which are double-spaced) are actually quadruple-spaced! This, of course, is not the way the document/message appears in Word itself. (This is true of other webmail accounts I have, as well -- e.g. Hushmail -- which is why I'm not asking this at the Opera forums.)

Anyway, while I'm continuing to search online to try to find an answer as to how to get Word to format a message in such a way that it pastes well (i.e. double-spacing paragraphs), I thought I would ask here to see if anyone who uses Office 2007 (or 2010, I suppose) has already encountered this issue and knows of a solution that would save me some time.

(FWIW, my Hotmail account does correctly format the email message, which is not surprising. But I don't use Hotmail much.)

Thanks for any comments!

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Probably because Word is keeping the formatting with the text you wish to copy and paste but the receiving program fails to understand the code.

Why not use Notepad which has no embedded formatting, what you type is pasted into the receiving document as written.

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Yes, I was trying out Notepad and some of the other notepad-type programs. But I gotta tell ya, I really like the auto-correct feature of Office 2007 programs. I tried installing "autohotkey" with autocorrect (which would work with Notepad, et. al.), but that was a headache and a half and I still haven't gotten it to work correctly. (Plus, its autocorrect list is nowhere near what Office's is.) So, I thought, why bother with smaller notepad-ish programs when I've got Word sitting right here ? (Oh, FWIW, I did find that a lot of others have complained about this formatting issue, but all offered 'fixes' didn't solve the issue -- or if they did, Word did not remember across sessions. But I did discover that if I single-space everything -- instead of creating double-spacing between paragraphs and headings and such -- the document will paste correctly into a webmail. So I may end up experimenting with it that way.) :-/

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maybe try saving your word as another format like .txt
then pasting it in.

Maybe .rtf rich text file will copy/paste ?? try it, works for me in hotmail

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Hi, mikie

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, all of the alternate file types I tried (.txt, .rtf, .xml, web page, Word 2003, etc.) added the extra double-spacing between paragraphs. :-(

Re: Hotmail: Yes, even the regular Word 2007 file pastes well in Hotmail w/o change in formatting. But I really don't like using Hotmail. :-( I much prefer MyOpera.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. It's obviously not that big of a deal. I'll keep playing around with things until my short attention span leads me elsewhere. ;-)

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