How/can I print both sides of paper?

marie_ndcalApril 25, 2014

How can I print on both sides of a paper? I have a Epson Ink jet 600 printer.
I did a bit of research, but it would not do what I wanted it to do
This is something a person is emailing to me, not something I am either writing or copying.

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Print one side, turn paper over, print backside.

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What exactly are you trying to do? because the printer in question has an auto duplexer thus should be able to print on both sides regardless of where the source is coming from.

Not trying to be rude or anything are you sure you have the duplex option on?

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Thanks, that is what I told my friend I would have to do. I did ask someone here where I live now and she told me they make 2 sided printers-so that is the information I will be telling her
Since the information is needed tomorrow, we decided she would work something else out and give me more time next time.

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I have always bought HP and there has been an option to print both sides on everyone. If I had ten sheets it would print 5 then I would turn the paper stack over and it would print the other side.

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Thank you EmmaR, I had often wondered about my HP printer's 2 sided capability but been too lazy to investigate. Your explanation makes perfect sense. I never print enough to worry about it really.

Apologies to Marie, I am not trying to hijack your thread at all.

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When I print 2 sides of something, it usually takes me a couple of tries, as I always manage to put the paper in the wrong way and it prints the second page upside down.

If you print a few pages first, make sure you print 1,3, and 5
the first time, turn the pages and print 2, 4, and 6 ;-)

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The specs for the Epson 600 show that it does double-sided printing -- but I do not know the specifics. I have an older Epson -- here are my procedures: When the print screen shows, there is a Properties selection. Click that and another screen shows a "Layout" tab. Select that and then hit the box for "Double-Sided Printing."

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With HP printers printing both sides, when the 1st side is completed, a diagram pops up showing how to turn the stack around. It gets turned around - not over. Gotta pay attention. :-)

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On HP printers, double sided printing is an optional feature. A printer may or may not be so equipped. Printers with double sided printing have an extra appendage attached to the backside of the printer. This is the page turn-over accessory. It must be present for double sided printing.

A caveat: Double sided printing using the duplexer is considerable more slow than for regular printing. After printing the first side, the printer pauses for ink drying time (typically 5 seconds) before turing the page over and then printing the other side. Drying time is adjustable, but it should not be too short because wet ink can smear and may gunk up sensitive locations inside the printer.

The fast way is to print the first side (odd numbered pages), and then print the even numbered pages. When doing the manual method, there is potential for messing up the job, therefore I recommend breaking the job up into no more than 10 sheets at a time (20 pages). This becomes important for a large number of pages.

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