Bak files in Recycle Bin

juneroses Z9a Cntrl FlApril 3, 2011

I opened the Recycle Bin today and found .bak files dated 3/29 for all of my OE 6 folders. They are marked "Archive". I'm curious as to how they might have been created and how they got into the recycle bin. Also, should I be concerned about their unexpected appearance here?

Obviously, since I'm asking the question, I'm not aware of having created or moved them. (I did check, and the "original" files are still in OE - whew!!).

I remember giving OE permission to compress files (I think that was the term). I also may have run CC since that date and definitely updated MAM, SAS, Spyware Blaster, and Spybot SAD since the 29th. Avast updates automatically. ZA is my firewall. Would any of these be involved? - June

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They get put there when you compact OE. Keep then in there a few days. Then you should be able to delete them safely.

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Sometime back OE, when you compressed the database on many computers, would lose all your saved data. So microsoft had an update to send them to trash before compressing. Might look and make sure OE seems to have all its files/folder before deleting if you don't use your email often.

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