rkitchenaid dishwashers kuds301ixbl and kuds10fxss

lawlopezAugust 9, 2012

We are deciding whether to get the Miele G4205SCBlack ($1000) or perhaps a domestically manufactured dishwasher, say a kitchen aid ($675).

The nearest Miele factory repair is 40 miles away in a different state.

The nearest Miele trained repair is 25 miles away.

My wife picked 2 kitchen aid kitchenaid dishwashers (to compare with) and we are wondering what people thought of them.

The best site I have found for reviews is the Lowes web site where they are 3 and 3.5 stars (for the kitchen aid dishwashers):

KUDS30iXBL 675$

54 reviews

3 stars


31 reviews

3.5 stars

There seems to a lot of unhappy people out there.

Amazon's reviews are very bad and very few.

We have decided to buy the Miele but we want to do "do dilligence".

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I installed our KUDC10FXSS a few weeks ago. Reading all the DW comments here, I thought I was going to buy one of those fancy $1000+ units. When I saw this model at Best Buy (which also has lots of reviews) I was sufficiently impressed to do a little more research about it. Plus the fact the handles matched our new KA fridge exactly helped too.

We ended up buying it from a local mom & pop appliance retailer for $599 brand new.

Overall I'm very happy with it. My old DW was as loud as a freight train. This one is exceptionally quiet. You can hear the water trickle out to the drain some times, but so what. I like the clean SS look in front. It washes dishes fine, although we are still experimenting with the different settings. I found that adding the "high temperature scrub" option helps clean better. Like most modern DWs, it also takes a few hours to clean a load. But there is the "1 hour wash" feature that apparently washes old school style. Meaning it's not energy and water efficient.

I like that it has a simple yet large utensil basket. I'm use to just chucking them in there, and we didn't want to have to carefully place each one in a special slot, or against the door.

We have average water pressure, the water heater is set pretty hot, and the water is hard. We also do a very minor pre-rinse to the dishes, mostly out of habit as the old one required it. I have yet to try no pre-rinsing at all. Once, the dried pancake batter on a glass measuring cup did not come out clean.

For our needs, it's a great DW for the price we paid.

What features do you want/like/need in a DW?

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