Columns--wood, fypon, fiberglass, endurcast, onsite..oh my???

Bridget HelmJuly 2, 2014

Hi. I posted in remodeling forum but there's no traffic there, so I figured I'd repost here.

We are renovating a 1976 house that has columns that look like Jenny Lind spindles on a diaper changer. They are awful. There's 4 across the front porch and 2 along the back. I want to change them to 6" square columns with a simple square decorative trim at the top and bottom. We are in South Louisiana, so treated pine is what's used here on the Acadian style homes. This home won't look right with the rugged treated pine columns. I need the wood to look smooth once painted, and treated pine looks rugged and splintery.
So I googled columns and there are sooooo many types. What am I to use? Some wrap, some snap, some are PVC and some are fiberglass etc etc.

I don't want them to look cheap, but I'm sure that having them made by a carpenter will cost way more than the premade columns, and they will rot here in South La.

Any advice?

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You might post a picture of what your looking for (or something similar) to get more help.

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Bridget Helm

This is what I want 6" wide 8 feet tall

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Wrapped in Hardie or similar fiber cement product?

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Do you like this style?

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We are also in Louisiana and went with cypress. Ours is rough cut but you could probably make it smooth and paint it and have your carpenter add the detail to the top and bottom. Cypress is easy to find in our area.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Our columns are azek.

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Ten yr old picture. Our columns required no maintenance. I would probably use them again. Here's the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Columns

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Bridget Helm

Yes. Those are pretty. They would look nice with the trim that is around the front door.

Is it best to buy them premade or to have them made on site? I'm getting differing opinions. Some contractors say to use a 6x6 treated pine as the core then have them wrapped on site with redwood and trim the top and bottom with hardiboard. Some say use a pvc column wrap and some say a fiberglass column wrap. I saw a fiberglass column wrap in person and it looks like real wood. I haven't seen a PVC in person yet.

The fiberglass column runs around 190/column. I wonder if that's cheaper than having a wrap made of wood with hardiboard trim on site?

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Bridget Helm

red lover those are aluminum -- that throws another material into the pot to consider. ay yi yi.

annie, azek looks good. i saw those on houzz.

Jdez, I'll look into the cypress. But I think those run around 400/column.

So far I'm leaning toward the Azek

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I would purchase the fiberglass columns if it were me. I have seen the wood wrapped columns look atrocious in short order and by the time your done it will cost at least $100 for the material per.

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