Looking for thoughts on the price--bathroom countertop

wongjackSeptember 18, 2013

We are building a new house and would like to upgrade master bath counter top from culture marble to granite as we think the stone look is more stylish and goes better with the cabinet. However, the builder is going to charge us extra 1400 for a 6-feet top, back splash and two sinks. Do you think the cost is reasonable? We're also thinking of upgrading the bathroom top few years later, but wondering whether the remodeling(including removing the old top and installing the new one) project will also cost us a lot. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

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Sophie Wheeler

You don't say which granite you'd be picking. It could be a tad high for some granites to low for others. In other words, average cost.

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The builder provides a range of several colors(7 colors) as standard.
I plan to pick santa cecelia. I'm not sure whether there are other options for granite. The color for my cabinet is java.

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At 6 feet, you may have to purchase the entire slab is why the price is so much higher. Ask if they have any large remnants you could look at.
We were quoted $1500 to install an 84" granite vanity with 2 sinks and $1200 for the 65" with one sink. So, we decided to do the cultured marble instead. We actually want white on white everywhere, so it made sense to save the money. We'd have had to go with an uber expensive granite, or actual marble to get white on white.
The cultured marble vanity for the 65" vanity is going to be $800. We chose not to change the ceramic tiles on the 84" vanity at this time.

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Hi Wonjack. It seems high to me. The other posters seem to be forgetting that this is $1400 OVER and above your existing allowance for a vanity. Santa Cecelia is a fairly basic granite, so it should be easy to find and or one with a similar look. Look on kijiji or Craigslist in your town to find granite suppliers, or just google them. Even HD wouldn't be this expensive for just a granite top. Once you're armed with some price comparisons maybe your contractor will offer you a better price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Montesol

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If the $1400 is in addition to another quote, was the first quote for cultured marble, and if so, how much is that? If the first quote for cultured marble was around $1,000 (just guessing based on the size you indicated, and my own quote) then yes, that is high for the St. Cecelia.
As raehelen says, HD can do it for much less. My contractor went down several hundred after I presented him with prices quoted from the cultured marble manufacturer/installer.

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Thanks to everyone. Let me clarify....our culture marble is standard which is at no cost, so if we want to have the granite for our bath countertop, the builder will charge us for extra 1400. We don't know how to negotiate with the builder. It looks like if we think the price is too high and we can choose not to upgrade. And finally we decided to upgrade to a granite, but are looking for patterns/colors to go with our espresso cabinet and bronze faucet. The granites we are considering are giallo ornamental, santa cecilia....do you know any other great granites that are in the same price range as the two we are considering and simultaneously can match our espresso cabinet and faucet? Thanks very much again!

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I get calls all the time to repair/refinish cultured marble; it can't be done. Upgrade to solid surface, granite, or estone. You won't be sorry.

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We were just told by our builder today that to upgrade from cultured marble to granite on a 6 foot vanity would be 450

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