Questions About my Kitchen Aid Dishwasher

cheryl444August 29, 2007

I bought the model #KUDIO1FLSS about 2 1/2 years ago. I got the whole Kitchen Aid line - fridge, microwave, slide-in stove/oven, dishwasher. I'm happy with all of them, but I have a few concerns about the dishwasher.

1) It has never been amazingly quiet. I know other people have said theirs IS quiet, so I'm wondering maybe this is an installation problem? Is there any way to make it quieter now?

2) A few days ago I heard a "snap" and now the door to the dishwasher won't stay half open. It just crashes open. Any idea what happened and what I can do to fix it?



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I think the "I" model is the least quiet of the KA models - they have I, P, S and U. I have an S and it's very quiet - not silent - but quiet enough.

As far as the door - check out to see if they have any suggestions - it sounds like your broke something that holds the door in place. Possibly you can replace the part yourself. If not, you can either call for service but if it's no longer under warranty, I'd probably just live with it - how often do you need to have the door half open?

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I have the S model and it's not silent but quiet enough and our family room is on the other side of a half wall. During most cycles it is hard to hear, but with the grinder, you're always going to hear some noise. That's why some people like the Bosch because it doesn't have a grinder. I prefer a grinder and like the bigger interior of a KA (tradeoffs). You can also ask your question about the door at the KA forum on the KA website. You'll have to register though.


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I purchased a suite of KitchenAid appliances...Professional Dual Fuel Range, Architect Series Refrigerator, Dishwasher, and a Microwave, and they were installed in my new kitchen the last week of December 2004. My dishwasher was top of the line at the time, Model KUDS01FLSS, and we paid more than $1000 for it. It operates quietly enough, but my dishwasher door squeaks and squeals every time it's opened and closed,and gets worse as each day passes. I called KA and they said I needed to schedule service call. It bothers me, alot,to pay for a service call on a 2 1/2 year old top of the line DW, that gets used 3-4 times a week. Debi 2006 mentioned in her post about the KitchenAid Forum, and I registered with KA and posted my problem with my DW door. I received a response from KitchenAid Ricky and I think the response may be the answer to your DW door problem. The door hinges have a nylon rope on pulleys. The pulleys and nylon rope can be seen on each side of the DW bottom front just behind the toe kick plate. You can see them easily with a flashlight, so you may want to check and see if the nylon rope has snapped. KA Ricky stated that the DW has tension springs, but the squeaky and squealing is probably coming from the nylon rope being too tight, and the rope may need to be replaced. I have checked my door and the sqeaks and squeal are coming from the tension springs, but I don't know if the nylon rope is a problem, too. You described hearing a snap, and then your DW door would not stay open half way, but would crash open. Did your DW door squeak and squeal when you opened and closed it, before you heard the snap? I wonder if there are others who have problems with their KitchenAid dishwasher doors.


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I was just looking at the KUDSO3FTPA dish washer in a showroom today and the door sqeaked and squealed on it too.

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I want to thank Linda in her comments on the squeaking dishwasher door and the nylon rope pulley system - our Kitchen Aid door has been squeaking for eight years now and... YIPPEEEE! one of the nylon ropes broke. As a result I got a repair kit, FSP (Appliance Care Products by Whirlpool Corporation) Code: 120703 for just under $20.00. This includes one pulley system for each side AND a nylon rope for each side as well. The beauty of the new system is that there are now two rolling pulleys per side instead of just one on the old system... And drum roll please... I was advised to put corn starch on the new nylon rope and I even applied it to the top of each pulley after installation and then opened and closed the door... NO SQUEAKING after eight long years of dishwasher load, after load, after... Oh, how me and my wife sang out praises of joy!!! If you have a squeaking door try corn starching the old nylon rope, but if you are going to pull the dishwasher out anyway to do so spend just $20 and enjoy door-opening-and-closing-silence!!!

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The last KitchenAid I opened up still used counterbalancing door springs. They've since gone to nylon ropes?

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