Summerfield- need your input please?!?!

madisonkdJuly 26, 2012

Summerfield, Can you take a look at this previous post and give your input? I did not have good dimensions when I first posted, but they are in this link now. I am still not sure about the lower level bedroom layout, and would appreciate any suggestions you would have on either level. Thanks!

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I'm not Summerfield, but what would this site do without her expert help? She certainly did help me~~

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Genius is what I'm thinking;)....

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I always thought Summerfield was a man, not sure why. That just rocked my world to find out he is actually a she!

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Ooooh! I really like it!!!!

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Wow! I am going over every part and having a hard time finding anything I don't like!! You really do have a knack for creating some great spaces!

Love the laundry room (and windows, yeah!!).

Only part I mayyyybe have a question on is the mud room. I'm fine with the hooks, but am wondering where our shoes will go. Plus, my teenage son has size 15 feet... makes for some big shoes! Do you think it is necessary to have access to the bath from the office? What if the toilet was switched to the office wall, and the closets in the office took up the entire wall (which I think I need for my samples)? It could be something that in the future, there would be space enough for a door between the toilet and vanity if someone wanted to take out part of the office closet? Then, a cubby space could be set in to the bathroom (between the tub and door) for access in the mudroom for a drop zone counter 12-15" deep with storage underneath for shoes (and a cabinet above)? The closets in the office would have sliding doors along the entire wall, and be around 28-30" deep. What do you think? I love everything else!! Thank you, thank you:)

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you're welcome ...

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Perfect! Thank you!!

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Summerfield for the win, again!

One thing, if it were me; I'd change some of the kitchen appliance locations around (my Brother has size 16 feet, and he got that way by drinking lots of milk--or at least it didn't hurt). Anyway, I see lots of traffic through your kitchen to get to the fridge from the DR.

And, I see a difficult vent for the stove in that spot.

So, if it were me (and I think you have the room for this), I'd put the stove on the wall where the fridge is. Put sink where stove is in island (and DW on left wing). Put fridge on wall where DW currently is.

Or something like that. It might require that the island have a different (rectangle) shape in the end. Kitchen forum might be able to really help here--at least give you something to think about.

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Thanks Kirkhall... we are on the same wavelength! I was thinking of changing the kitchen... I'm actually a kitchen designer;)I didn't want to bother Summerfield with that though- she's done so much already, and I can get that part. I'm probably going to do a large rectangular island with the sink, and then put the cooktop where the current window is (and move the windows to the left and right of the cooktop). I am also going to put the main media room where the pool table is downstairs, and have the family room be more of a sitting room (think cocktail lounge with a low round table and swivel chairs). Now if we could sell our house so we can get going on this! We have another showing tonight...
Thanks for your comments!

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I wondered, when I saw the kd behind your name. ;)

Good luck on your sale!

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you're welcome , yet again ...

the layout for the kitchen was based on the one that you had on your previous post ... the sink at the window , the range in the island ...

it doesn't matter if i show a rectangular , or curved , or angled island ... they are all criticised ... but , curved or angled counters are more conducive to conversation , and in an open plan , like this , a rectangle will look like the lunch counter at a deli ...

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I think you are right, when it comes to which one you put in. Islands, in particular, can be very personal preference.
I also agree that a straight rectangle isn't that conducive to conversation, but wasn't sure if it would have been necessitated with appliance rearrangement.

I have learned a lot from you, Summerfield, and your input on these forums is invaluable.

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Summerfield, if you are still hanging around on this post...
Can you tell me the spread on the King size headboard wall windows in the Master?

We are very close to doing our remodel...will be sitting down with the contractor in the next 2 weeks to get things signed and ready to go. And, my master will be about 13'x 14' wide. I'd like to have a King (or CalKing) and want to know what a good window spread is to look right on the wall (and what "size" window to use).

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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Summerfield, I actually don't mind the kitchen plan you drew at all... I realize when I said that I loved the first plan I posted, the kitchen was like this. I really was loving the look of the inspiration house great room with the beams and horizontal wainscoting.
For some reason I am thinking of a big rectangular island for my own space. It's funny- my fellow designers have always called me the "island queen" because I love to design unusual shaped islands. Now for my own I want a big rectangle.....go figure! I'm probably going to jazz it up with a light gray blue color for the cabinets and some great corbels and wainscoting.
Please don't take my comments as criticizing at all.... If anything, I just didn't want to bother you to change anything else.

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