Duct- does it need to be centered to stove?

lniaAugust 26, 2012


We have decided on the 48 in range and had completed the ductwork but now think we need to shift the range several inches due to our kitchen design. Does this mean that we need to shift the duct or is it ok that the vent is not centered over the stove. We think the hood will cover the fact that the duct/vent will not be centered, but didn't know if it made sense to do this.

would appreciate any thoughts.


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This can depend on the hood design, and whether it is mounted onto an extension that is longer (in the hood length direction) than the duct diameter. In such a case a "kink" can be put into the duct inside the extension.

Alternatively, sheet metal can be added to the hood top with a relocated hole. A sheet metal shop should be consulted on this.

It may, in some cases, be easier to move the duct depending how it is framed. In any case, be sure that a hood massive enough for a 48-inch range is well attached to the overhead joists.


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Thanks. I think our best option is to move. I appreciate the advice, kas.

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