wattage/btu for towel warmer in az

drmeow3September 3, 2013

I'm remodeling my bathroom here in Phoenix, AZ, and I want to put in an electric towel warmer (can't do hydronic) for that short period of winter weather we get. I'm also putting in radiant heat floor. I know I should be looking at BTU and watts. I want a relatively wide and tall warmer (22" or wider and 40" tall or taller). I know from experience with portable ones that I want something with lots of crossbars. I'm probably going to put in a programmable timer so that the warmer will be turned on before I get in the shower (and also to make sure it is turned off after my spouse showers). What should I be looking for in terms of wattage/BTUs? I'm not looking to heat the room (the floor should take care of that) or even dry the towels (not really necessary in the desert), I really just want to warm them before I get out of the shower.

Also, what about curved bars - some manufacturers say "maximum surface area) but will the part of the towel at the back be touching the bars and get warm? Seems like not.

Any other advice would also be appreciated.


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Since you don't want to heat the room with the towel warmer, I'd be more concerned about the average temperature that the unit gets, whether it has a programmable timer and maybe even a temperature control so that you have the towel toasty warm when and how hot you want.

I don't know about curved bars; you bring up a good point. I do know that the more layers you can create on the warmer, the more insulation you provide for the towel to stay warm. So, you're right about the number of bars so more surface area touches the towel as well as making the towel thick as you put it on the bar. Hope that makes sense.

Here's a towel warmer that looks like it meets most of your needs.

Good luck with your project!

Here is a link that might be useful: Towel Warmer that meets your needs

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Thanks, MMhappy. I was definitely planning on a timer - I've learned that lesson from the plug in models I've been using for the last few years.

After I posted the question, I spoke with my brother who just remodeled his bathroom and he recommended this one which I had already been considering so I think its the one I'm going to go with.

Here is a link that might be useful: Myson towel warmer

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Looks like a nice one! Good luck with your project! :)

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