Ideas please--sending pictures from a desktop file to a person

marie_ndcalApril 10, 2013

Am trying to scan pictures to send to a relative. I have Epson scan on my computer, did scan them had to put them into a file (desktop) I made for them, but cannot fiqure out to send them I did try it but would not go thru. Any help (simple language) would be appreciated.

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what kind of email program do you have. I have windows live mail and can send a single photo or an album.

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I just experimented
Drag and drop works with online Hotmail/Live/Outlook the Microsoft mails & Yahoo mail too. Most installed email programs should allow drag and drop too.

Don't send too many at once !! Pictures can be lots of bytes fast.

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Locate the picture you want to send and select it with a single left-click. Don't open the picture. Now, use a single right-click and find the menu item which says SEND TO...MAIL RECIPIENT. If your default mail program is configured properly, it should start a new blank email message and should automatically ATTACH your picture to it. You won't see the picture but you should see a message that it is ATTACHED. Then enter the email address and send it. If you still have a problem after this, the possibilities are:

too many pics being attached to the same message
you are exceeding the size limit for file transfers imposed by either your ISP or theirs
your recipient doesn't know how to save the file attached to the message and open it.

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