Anyone use Thunderbird Mail program?

shaddy101April 13, 2013

Have been wrestling with this puppy for as many days as the W7 problem, but wondering how does one forward mail in this program. I am so used to OE, and as I also had TB on old machine, but never used, we tried to get economical, and transferred it to the new, rather than spend the money to get the current version of OE. I am updated and ready to roll, I have some "simple" instructions, HA, don't know where half the stuff is they are speaking about. Sure could use a prop here. Anyone?

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When the target e-mail is opened in the upper right corner of the the viewing pane there are four radio buttons. One is Forward. Click on it. In the appearing e-mail all you have to do is address it.


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Thanks DA, as always you are right on the money, so used to other format, hard to see the forest for the trees!

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