opinions please: change in bathroom plans

susiemwSeptember 11, 2012

Hi all,

I have a 9 x 8 ft bathroom in a small lake cottage.

I had it and the bathroom taken down to studs.

My original plans were to really lighten up what had been a very dark cave like bathroom(with blue tub, sink and plastic pink tiles!) and kitchen. We got rid of the dropped ceiling and now the ceiling is raised and follows the pitch of the roof. I had a window added to the long bathroom wall that didn't have a window.

I have a white 72 inche clawfoot tub (kohler birthday bash tub) that will be under that window,

I was going to have white beadboard walls and ceiling with wood floors. That was the plan then I found this spalted white elm which went onto the ceiling today. It looks gorgeous. It's richer than it appears in the photo, sort of a rich honey with red tones as well. I'll try to get better photos tomorrow.

but now I don't see this ceiing going with the white bead board.

I am leaning towards putting this same wood on the floor.

any input on what to do with the walls would be greatly appreciated.


forgive the oversided pic in the wrong orientation...photobucket is being weird today

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that's beautiful!

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Thanks, I really love it, I like that there is a lot of variation in the wood. I would have loved to have had old reclaimed wood but it's hard to find and pricey.


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Lovely wood, it would be great on the floor too. I think bead board would still be fine. Why are you concerned that it won't work?

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I"ve decided to put the same wood on the floor. I think it'll be beautiful. I think my problem with the white beadboard is that I think it'll look too white and stark against the wood. I'm sure I'll be able to find a variation of white or cream that will look nice with the wood floor and ceiling. There are so many whites out there, finding the right one should be interesting!


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That is beautiful, I am so jealous.

I can see why you are worried about the beadboard though. How about if you just did beadboard wainscoting?

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Hi Barb & all,

I decided to put the same spalted white elm that is on the ceiling on the floor of the bathroom (and adjacent kitchen)
I think it'll be pretty.

I still want to use beadboard but I like the wainscoting idea better than using it from floor to ceiling.

so tomorrow I'm going in search of wainscoting and in search of white paint samples.

I have read there are beadboard tiles which might be a good idea since the bathtub will be next to th e wall, so I'll look for those as well.

A couple questions:

Where does one find beadboard tile?

with regarding white paint choices: since the ceiling and floor will have warm honey toned wood any suggestions as to what will look good? The bathroom has two windows but they are both well shaded by trees outside. I will be picking up paint chips to see what looks good in the room. I have no experience with white paints so if you can help point me in the right direction it might help shorten my search.



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I would also agree that white beadboard wainscoting would look fantastic with the spalted white elm ceiling and floor.

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