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blueiris24January 12, 2011

I know this issue has come up quite a bit on different threads, especially in the past couple years with kitchen safety, etc..... I heard on the radio today about a site called that lists only products made in the USA. I'm not affiliated with this in any way or have ever purchased anything from it, just thought I'd pass it along for those interested.

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I read labels...anything that says made in China....or product of China....stays right in the store.

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This is great, blueiris. I'm sending it on to a couple of friends. Thank you!

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I tried to buy a pair of running shoes the other day that were made in the USA, but no luck. The only ones I found that were made here, didn't fit me right. (Natural Balance - some of their shoes are made in the USA, but not all of them. As Linda said, you have to read the label to make sure.)


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Even the labels don't always tell the whole story.
I work in manufacturing.
We build product here, but parts may come from any number of countries.
We build product here, but only part of it.
We receive nearly complete products, add a few things (cables, manuals, etc.).
We simply rebox items.

These all can have different types of labeling.
There are so many legalities regarding where a product came from it'll make your head swim. We have a Regulatory Engineer just to keep it all legal.

There are different labeling requirements depending on how much of the assembly and/or dollar value is added here.

"Made In ...."
"Product Of ...."
"Country of Origin ..."

All mean different things.
Yep, as far as I'm concerned, labels can lie!!

Unless a company can actually trace all of the parts and labor to US companies, who knows? Some can and I want to support them. Mine cannot. Not even close. We also have manufacturing facilities in several other countries.



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beachlily z9a

My husband bought a Hobart mixer for me for Christmas. The purchase was Dec. 17. I tried to use it immediately, didn't work with the dough hook. Got the hook replaced by the local place that sold it to us. Tried it again, after 3 weeks of sinus and ear infections. Didn't work. Won't work when it encounters resistance (from dough). Had to go 75 miles over to Orlando to drop it off at Hobart. They want us to call them on Tuesday. This thing is made in Troy, Ohio. No China anything. It cost close to $2,000. Don't you think it would work?

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Oh, no, Beachlily, after all of that, your new Hobart doesn't work? What a disappointment!


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