norton tool bar?

goldyApril 3, 2013

If you don't have a tool bar how do you start your security list?IHAVE TRIED ALL THINGS .Not giving up.Thought maybe you had a tip on how to start.If I could explain it better I would.I have this beautiful safe and I can"crack it.

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I cracked a safe one day at a girls home. Some holiday and lots of family was there. I was sitting on floor next to this huge old safe listening to all talking and playing with the safe dial. Suddenly it clicked and I tried the handle .. it opened & quickly shut it and spun the dial. Everybody yelled Don't - but it was too late.

Seems this safe was an inheritance from some uncle and was never opened. They wanted to know what I saw in it.. I said there wasn't anything interesting in it - just lots of bundles of cash :)

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What's a security list for? I have norton security but choose to not have the norton tool bar showing in IE. Only thing from norton there is my identity safe which I am always logged into. Wold be curious to know what you are talking about. Mary

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How do you log into your indenity safe?

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Well I have 3 Norton things showing on the top of IE so I guess I do have the tool bar enabled and one is identity safe and if I am not logged in when I click it I get the screen to log in like this.

Then when I click it after logging in I can see sites listed I have stored passwords for and I can click options, edit logins and see every site. Only time I have to log in is if computer is rebooted or shut down and restarted.

You can also click the norton icon on your desktop then click settings at the top then click web on the top and on the left you will then see identity safe to click. You can adjust settings for it in there and set a password up if you haven't done that. Hope this helps. Mary

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I have a new dell with windows 8.It has no norton tool bar.I have tried everything to find it.Am I crazy? It's not there.Win a few loose a few.

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I have no clue about windows 8 but if Norton security is installed you should be able to add it to the IE tool bar. When I right click a blank spot up in IE9 one of the things I can check is norton tool bar to have it show. Other borwser I have no clue as I am strictly and IE girl. I will say if you open Norton and access the chat feature they are wonderfull to work with in answering questions and helping so might want to try that. Mary

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