Installing our acrylic tub

zebra26September 9, 2012

We have a new build and it has for the most part gone pretty smoothly thanks to this forum. But...our plumber has not made us really happy and we are questioning everything he does at this point. The first thing is putting our shower head at 72 inches and my husband is that height. Ughhh. Another thing is I told him I wanted the acrylic tub to be done as the installation instructions said which is it needed to be set in mortar. He didn't do that. Thank goodness we checked. Also, everything we ask him to do takes an additional 2-3 weeks so forget asking him to correct the situation. Today my husband and a friend unscrewed the tub, lifted it up and placed the tub in mortar just as the instructions said to do. It feels so much more stable and I am so glad my husband went the extra mile and fixed the problem. Now two more tubs to go.

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Ours is set in mortar too and it feels like standing on concrete (as in sturdy). It's amazing how much difference that makes. My husband installed ours. Did your DH put thick plastic between the mortar and tub? Don't remember where he got the idea (probably here via me)to do that so if there is a problem (ie leak)and tub ever needs to come out, it should just lift right out.

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No, never thought about plastic but we have two more tubs to so so I will mention that to him. Thanks. Yes, it does make the world of difference in how sturdy it feels.

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