10' deep shower base?

scbegoniasSeptember 20, 2007

We're soon going to renovate our hall bathroom. We'd love to have just a shower in there, but it would also be convenient if that shower could have a deep base for bathing the wee ones. Recently, while visiting on the east coast, we saw such a shower. I believe it was an American Standard circa 1940...square with about a 10" deep base. I've tried searching the web, but have only found two items...

1. MTI JEU D'EAU - super fancy and just not what we want

2. Americh Corp.

Are there any other options?


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You may sink the shower so that you have sunken tub as the base of your shower or build a curb and create a roman tub. as the base of your shower.

It really depend on your foundation/structure in this area. Also, it would be helpful to know the size of the shower space since you could replace the exist shower with a tub install a tub/shower combination.

I sunk my masterbathroom's shower for aesthetics and convenience. I wanted the shower so that it did not have curb.

RE: Americh

Americh has the Beverly 4040(40" x 40") tub, but it is very deep (32"). Kohler may still have a small rectangular tub that is less than 5' feet long and is not quite as deep as the Americh tub. I sunk the Beverly 6040 for my guest bathroom and installed three kohler watertiles in the ceiling so that it could be used as a shower. The spout for the tub is also mounted in the ceiling.

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That's pretty funny. We gutted a 1940 house that had exactly the same thing. I thought it was a great idea too, but could never find one. This was a hideous blue and definitely not something to save. Good luck!

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Why not go with a regular tub/shower setup?

It really seems to me the 10 inch step over would be just as in convenient as a regular tub, but far less practical...

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I really just want a nicely tiled shower stall. DH is stuck on the mini-tub shower stall. This was after his real estate minded mother said it would be a mistake not to put a tub in the hall bath. I've given up looking, and I'm happy with a shower stall. Now he can look ;).

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