Thanks and be aware of this phone call

marie_ndcalApril 8, 2013

I think it was on this forum about someone calling (from India) to say I had a virus in my computer. Because I had just run the anti spyware program, and another program and have AVAST as my virus protector, and THANK YOU, someone here has posted this information, I was able to say no my computer is NOT infected and I don't need to buy anything to put on the computer. He claimed that thru an international router system, it was showing my computer was infected. Hopefully no one will try anything. Again, thank you whoever posted that information

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Oh be sure they will try again Marie. You cannot be so lucky as to only get one phone call. They even tell me the town I live in these days.

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OK, the real question is why stay on the phone long enough to have a time-wasting conversation with these creeps?

I might have gotten a call, but I'll never know because I hang up the second I know it's not a real call. Remember, if you should hang up on a real call, that person will call back.

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This was a real person, and the reason I stayed on a bit longer, was I thought he was from the program I was having trouble with and had been on a chat room directly and they said they might set up a phone call. Other than that, yes, I would just hang up. My friend got a virus so I do have to watch everything right now. I really wasn't on very long.

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Bottom line is don't answer unknown callers without cause. The link below will provide you with a nuisance search engine, share with you all you want to know about these annoyances, and a continuing log of complaints.

I use this site to research numbers I don't answer to avoid the possibility of missing a true call.


Here is a link that might be useful: 800Notes

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Those phone calls have been happening for a loooooooooooooong time

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I had a call that showed up from"the United States" it als had way too many numbers..Did not answer!

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If i see a 1-800 number or a 1-888 number on call display, i either ignore it or lift thr reciever up and immediately replace it on the cradle

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The only fear when ignoring a call is in the fact it may be genuine. Just last week my bank called questioning a couple of transactions they thought were out of place, had I not answered those transactions would have remained blocked.

Just a thought offering the other aspect of these nuisance calls.

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Thanks, Da. I just bookmarked it.


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