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enduringSeptember 16, 2012

Got my floor warming system in and the self leveling compound in tonight! I had my DH read Stacyneil's thread on how she installed the SLC. After we were finishing up he came into the house and chuckled, "I just realized what 'DH' stands for", explaining that he didn't know what Stacyneil meant when using "DH".

I got the floor ready for stone tile by having my DH add extra joist and my DS1 screw down a plywood underlayment over my existing subfloor and fir T&G. I got the floor warming wires installed today. I put a layer of plastic lath over the wires. Primer went on the ply prior to laying down the wires. Everything so far is working as planned. My DS2 helped us with with tonights pour of SLC. Thank goodness he was here to help. The finished depth of the SLC is about 3/4" (under 1/2") Here are some pictures:

Initial caulking, and other support to keep SLC in place. The wood lath was used to support the foamy roll. I didn't want the SLC to spill into the stud space. I hope I can get the lath out but its caulked in place pretty good. The walls where the drywall is in place, I put 3/4" self sticking weather stripping to add as an expansion joint. I am hoping that when I remove the wood lath I can have a nice space between the SLC and the studs. The foamy stuff was caulked in place too, so if I can't get the lath out I still have a thin expansion joint:

Wires in place, still have to add the sensor. I used the metal strips to secure the wire as well as a hot glue gun. I was about 8" short from complete. I call that perfect:

Green lath carefully stapled in place:

2 buckets poured. I used a notched window washer squeegee to spread the material:

Completed and drying:

Next Friday I will have the tub installed then I can finish the walls.

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Want a job? :-)

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You wouldn't want to hire me, I stand around staring too much. But thanks so much for the vote of confidence. I couldn't have done the floor without your help Bill. The ply underlayment worked out great.

I pretty much followed the "Staceyneil Directive" :) Though I know she would be the first to admit she stands on the shoulders of giants. I supplemented my education with Todd's tutorial over in the "liberry".

I don't think I could have planned that wire layout any better. It came out almost perfect. Lots of pen to paper accounts for that accuracy in wire layout.

I got the lath out tonight without difficulty. Gently moved about on the floor as if it was thin ice. Spreading my weight out over the floor by laying for most of the work.

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