Once, twice, three time's a grout charm? Help please!

tartanhabitSeptember 22, 2012

The hack GC is gone - no more grout stress please!

About 2 weeks ago the bathroom floor got grouted and in the process, the tile got stained blue. The grout was taken straight out and after much cleaning up Bill V saved the day with a recommendation for Hydroment Remove which solved the blue stained tile problem.

They grouted again and it came out pretty nice - no blue stain due to some kind of targeted grout application.

Then it gets sealed - uh oh. It dries up all uneven, light and dark in various places. My contractor seems to have little to recommend about it other than telling me this has never happened to him before. I get the bright idea to call tech support at the 511 grout sealer company. They tell me it must have been mis-applied and it's an easy fix at which point I get my contractor to come on the phone. I'm feeling happy they said that it's an easy fix. Then I go upstairs to see what my contractor has been up to while I've been on the phone and I discover he has taken a pointy part of the razor blade to the grout, presumably to try to scrape out the dark parts because now it all looks hacked up.

At this point, my husband asks him to leave and tells him we will get a professional to finish the job because this really hasn't turned out too well for us.

Now I'm left with some scratched up grout that looks patchy anyway. I had lost confidence in his ability to get this right.

Should the whole thing come out (grout not tile I hope!)? Or try to remedy what's in place?

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Just out of curiosity, how long has the grout been down, and how long before the sealer was applied?

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The grout has been down about 2 weeks now, and it was down a week or so before it was sealed.

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Quite frankly, the grout will probably work well as it is. If the looks of it really get to you, best bet is to score it all out and regrout.

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Thanks Bill. Yes, it does get to me, especially now that the contractor took some chunks out with the razor blade and it still has dark areas so it looks dirty already. Thanks for your advice.

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Actually, I'm wondering if before we take the step of taking the whole lot out, if we can fill in the uneven areas where he took chunks out and then reapply a sealant? Tech support seemed to be suggesting we could reapply sealant but I didn't hear the details of that since I handed the phone over to the contractor.

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Then you'll see it for sure.

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