Tile repair under toilet

tekbroSeptember 18, 2012

One of my pair of four year old knucleheads decided to test the capacity of one of our toilets using the old washcloth down the hatch trick.

Toilet now flushed sluggishly, but still drained as did all the other drains. One morning my shower began to fill up with water while showering. I plunged the drain vigorously and it drained fine. Nonetheless, I removed the toilet and could not see the rag. Still decided to call in some backup.

Roto-Rooter inspected the drain with a scope and could not find the rag. He said it may have been pushed out to the main. I got a horn-type wax ring and set of brass closet bolts from him, though for putting the toilet back.

Anyway, as I started to replace the toilet, I noticed some of the tiles were loose, and the mortar (sp-?) underneath the broken tiles where the toilet used to be appeared damp and soft. *Uh-oh*, I thought. "I better get on GardenWeb before I try and put this puppy back, and find out what to do."

How do you do small-area tile repairs like this? All the videos and how-to's I Googled were focused on how to tile your whole bathroom, which I AM NOT trying to do right now.

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Is there any damage to the substrate? You should have a subfloor and something else. Depending on the age of the home, that something else could be all kinds of things. It's also possible that the toilet had a minor leak for a period of time before this incident.

At the very least, you'll want to make sure everything is completely dry. That might mean putting a fan on the area for a day or two. Then clean off the old thinset from the substrate and back of the tiles. Pick up a bag of thinset from the home center and some new grout. Beyond that it's just like the videos you watched, just a smaller area.

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I'd recommend you pull up the loose/broken tiles, take a photo and post it here for further analysis, commentary, and debate.

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