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especiallyyouSeptember 18, 2013

i am having difficulty w/my master bathroom layout. the architect originally had the tub deck going all the way to the wall. however, i do not need my tub deck that long and i don't like looking down the hallway into the bathtub. so, we 're thinking of shortening the tub deck (i want a kohler tea-for-2 tub, only 5' long since i'm the only one who'll use it).

so, if i do that, what would you suggest to fill in the space at the end of the tub?

a closet would work, but i don't like the idea of looking down the hallway into a closet door.

a built-in set of drawers would work, but they'd be very deep.

empty space for freestanding furniture was explored, but would it be odd for the faucet end of the tub to be near that empty space?

a bench with drawers was discussed, but i have that in current guest bathroom and the bench/drawers are not used at all.

i would like some sort of storage space for towels somewhere in the bath.

for site/view/fung shui reasons, it seems like when sitting in the tub one should face away from the shower and toward the bathroom entry door.

this is a new-build. exterior walls are fixed, but plumbing and windows can be rearranged. i really wanted the tub to be near the windows for the forest views (there was originally a separate "tub room" with 2 walls of windows, , the entry for which was in the current bathroom "dead space",- where window 32 is) but the entire room was deleted for budget reasons).

window #32 wil/can/likely go away, also since i don't like looking down a hallway and out a window.

any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hey You,
(sorry, I couldn't resist). If you get rid of the window you could use that space for a combination of shelves and towel storage. If you turn the tub around you could face the shelves and use those for pictures and other things the you DO like to look at, even a TV if you don;t mind having that in your bathroom. If you extend the tub deck then you would have a place for any bath products that will keep them out of sight. Take a look at the link below as that will likely be more helpful than me trying to describe it.

We are doing something in our bathroom currently that is very similar.

Here is a link that might be useful: shelf and storage combo

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