Shower glass treatment - ClearShield

star51September 10, 2008

Has anyone any experience with a product called ClearShield Protection Care? The directions say you also must use their product called 'After Care' to keep the warranty in place. It will cost $199 in addition to the glass cost. I'm wondering if it is worth it or just as good to use RainX.

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I'd like to know more about it , too. Seems expensive but if it works... might be worth it with hard water.

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Our new door is on order and will be here soon. We too are trying to find the best option for protecting the glass and making it easier to clean.

We asked about getting the clearshield/showerguard/etc. that is done at the time of manufacture and the company we ordered the door from said that their experience has not been good. They said they can not tell what side has been done from the factory and it usually gets mixed up. I was surprised they just didn't do both sides! We didn't order it for obvious reasons but Clearshield can be applied at the factory or after installation.

They gave me a card for another company that will come after the doors are installed and coat them with a polymer shield type material similar to clearshield. They are at and I am still on the fence. There are many companies that do this polymer coating after install but I haven't found any place to buy the same type of product to do myself. The warranties on this type of product vary from 5 years up to 15 but what makes the difference, I can't tell!

I did find other spray on polymer coatings that are available at the hardware stores for us to do ourselves but after reading a lot, they only last a month or two! Here is one online:

I hope others will chime in and help us out. I am afraid to use Rain-x because I've read rain-x can damage the glass and cause it to turn orange and I paid extra for the low iron/starphire glass so I surely don't want orange tint.

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Recently there have been several threads about this. I too wondered when our shower doors we installed. We simply use a squeegee after our showers. Then maybe once a week maybe every week and half I use good old window cleaner on both sides of the glass. At that time I remove the bottom clear plastic sweep and certainly make certain that area is cleaned. Our showers are only3 months old but that's the method that's working for us.

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I've been using Invisible Shield (Clean-X, manufactured by UNELKO Corporation), which I buy at a local Ace Hardware store. Apply, let dry to a slight haze and polish. I've been using it since we had the clear shower doors installed in 2003. Works great. Also good for walls and makes the floor a bit more slip-resistant. We never bother to scrape water off the walls or the doors. Website:

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Thanks so much for posting this trekker. How often do you apply? It said it lasts 1-2 months, true? Easy or hard to do? Any tips for me?

My doors are coming tomorrow and I was still undecided regarding diamonfusion but I was told I can always do that later. I am going to run up to Ace and get this now so I can put it on before they even use the shower!

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True confession: my cleaning people apply it, but I have done it. It's easy to do and I think it does last a couple months. We have a water softener, don't know if that makes a difference.

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Thank trekker, If I had a cleaning person, I wouldn't worry but our water is hard and I ended up doing the diamonfusion. They came yesterday and did it-took just about an hour and was $150. I didn't get a squeegie yet so I have to run up and get one today but I did wipe the door down and it was easy to do. Still, I thought the water would "sheet" off but there were tons of spots to wipe-ugh. Plus, both the kids and the hubby can't seem to not touch the glass-don't know why cause I got nice big handles-but there were finger prints all over inside and out! Thanks again for your post.

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So you spent $150 and still have to wipe down the walls & door? Hmmmm. I'd be :=(

Sure wish somebody out there would try the Invisible Shield with hard water to see how it works. Our local Ace continues to carry it, so I can't be the only one who likes it. I recommended it to my aunt, who has very hard water. I'll ask her how it works.

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I used Rain-X on my shower until I read the label closely and surmised that it was a hazard to do so. This time around I am getting Showerguard glass, which I hope will do what it says it does. We have hard water, I have better things to do and the cleaning lady only cleans once a week.

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Yep, trekker, not so thrilled with the diamonfusion but we do have really hard water. Finally got a squeegie and that is not so great either. Granted it was only $8 from BB&B but geez, how hard is it to make a piece of rubber? When you do the squeegie, there is a big hole right in the middle!

So, I have been wiping everything down and it does take 5 minutes that I don't want to spend-seems silly I know, but really, who the heck does this and I know the novelty will wear off soon. Plus, I am wiping after the kids too and DH does a bit but I have to go behind him so figure 4 people X 5 minutes each day and it adds up.

With Invisible shield, do you still have to wipe down the door or squeegie? Does the water sheet off? I might just try it on top of the diamonfusion and it is cheap.

Still, I LOVE my door and love how my bathroom looks. Plus the sink is really much better with the diamonfusion, that does sheet off and not a spot.

Funny to look back and think I was so worried about liking my vessel sink that I had the granite installer do a special install so I could pull out the granite and recut for an undermount sink "just in case". Turns out the sink and granite is what I love the most! I never get my clothes wet washing my face, can lean on the bowl with both elbows and it doesn't splash one bit-gotta love it for that alone.

ladydfp, Everything I read about showerguard seems to be a superior treatment because it is done when they make the glass so it is inside. I tried to get it but no dealers in my town. I was lucky to even get the low iron or starphire glass since all but one glass company told me no.

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Wow. A bunch of old posts. Here's my 2011 shower experience. Was talked into ShowerGuard as an extra ($380)to my new frameless shower. From their sales pitch I thought the water would be sheeting off the glass, only infrequent need to squeegie and clean. Boy was that wrong. The installer used denatured alcohol to remove all the labels. I've been back and forth with GuardianGlass that assures me the alcohol only changed the surface tension and that I should use Soft Scrub Lemon Cleanser with Scotch Brite Non-Scratch Scrubs. They assured me that it won't scratch the glass. The vendor refuses to replace the glass so I guess I'm off to the Soft Scrub aisle. Anybody have any experience with this before I do it?

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Hi, Mushy:

I just posted today asking about experiences with Showerguard UltraWhite.

Are you saying you would not recommend ShowerGuard?

Thanks, Jani

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We are a cleaning service and we have some customers tell us they use rainx and others that have us use Clear Sheild. Some products cause the glass to streak, some get cloudy. We have been guaranteed by the manufactuer that Clear Shield is not damaging to the glass, frame work, fixtures or hardware. I have one client that tells us to use it on her fixture and it makes them look like new all the time. So you do not have to send yor door out for a protection coating. Just apply every few months, depending on the use, water type and other cleaning chemicals used. Great stuff.

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