Printer question.

john_nyApril 8, 2011

I have 2 printers, an ink jet and a laser. Normally, if I'm not printing something special, I don't need the laser. If I'm just printing a couple of grocery coupons, the ink jet is good enough. Can anyone tell me how I can set the ink jet to come up first? Seems many times it reverts to the laser, and when I press print, the laser printer comes up. On some of the coupon sites, you don't see the print dialog box, so there's no chance to reset what printer I want to use, before it starts printing. Thank you.

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Open up the Printers dialog box and set the printer of your choice as the default printer.

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Took me a little time to figure out that I had to highlight the name of the printer, then right click on it in order to get the, "Set as default printer." words to show, but I finally got it. Thanks again!

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When in doubt, right-click. That works for a lot of things. You're welcome.

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