Zone Alarm - conflicting messages

juneroses Z9a Cntrl FlApril 17, 2013

I need guidance on conflicting Zone Alarm messages. My question is: do I or don't I have a working Zone Alarm firewall?

When I mouse over the ZA icon in the Start Panel, it says "ZoneAlarm Your computer is protected". The version is When I manually try to update it, it reports that it is updated.

However, I happened to open FF 20.0.1/Tools/Add-Ons/Extensions and noticed that ZA is greyed out and it says "ZA Security Engine is incompatible with FF 20.0.1". The Security Engine is 1.5.393.18 (disabled).

Meanwhile, I've re-enabled the Windows firewall as a precaution.

If the ZA is non-working, I'd appreciate suggestions on a compatible free replacement.

Many thanks.

COMPUTER: Win XP with SP3, wired WPA router, MSE, MAM, SAS, Spyware Blaster, Spybot S&D, All software basically updated.

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I don't know zone alarms well, nor firefox too well, its not my normal everyday browser. But I do know that firefox will disable any 'Plug-ins, Add-ons, Extensions, etc that are incompatible with it.

This does not mean ZoneAlarms is not acting as firewall. It only means that whatever plug in for some kind of added protection beyond the normal firewall rules isn't working.

Might possibly be you could uninstall zone alarms completely somehow, and reinstall it completely fresh... hopefully zone alarms is smart enough it would recognize the particular plug in isn't compatible with current firefox versions and not install that plugin, but perhaps maybe a different one.
I'm just guessing.. I really don't have much respect for zone alarms from years ago experiences and don't know if they have code writers that would check compatibilities now or not - but for something as popular as firefox they certainly should.

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It may be a general warning but it is unclear; probably referring to the ZA Toolbar only since that is the browser's Add Ons Manager.

In the Add Ons Manager, the window where you saw the message, I usually look to the right of the message for a button that says "REMOVE". If that message has no buttons, I consider it a warning. If it does say "REMOVE" then it needs to be researched. Sometimes you can post a message in Zone Alarm's Support Forum and they may respond quickly with a fix.

I too got the message when I looked but there was no Remove Button and ZA remained active.

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