Different sized his and hers vanities

lewisohSeptember 19, 2012

For our master bathroom renovation, we are trying to decide between the following two options:

Option 1 includes 44x48 shower and two 42" vanities. My husband's vanity is located by the shower and my vanity is on the opposite wall. Vanities to be custom built.

Option 2 expands the shower length at the cost of my husband's vanity size - a compromise he is happy to make. Shower would be 44x54 with his vanity at 36". There is sufficient room for my vanity to either remain at 42" or go to 48"

Do split vanities have to match or is it okay to vary the sizes according to each users preferences? If we do this, I think the difference has to be pretty significant so that it looks purposeful and not like a mistake.

Appreciate any thoughts.

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It's not uncommon for them to be different sizes, and you have them delegated properly...the woman gets the larger vanity. That's a serious statement in terms of the larger vanity having the "proper" lighting, storage, etc, around it.

They can be slightly different, the difference doesn't necessarily have to be substantial. If there is a slight difference, the essential design of drawers and doors can remain the same if you choose, and the proportions can simply be skewed.

With the vanities being custom, I'll often times make the man's vanity taller. So yours can be shorter but wider. His can be taller but narrower. You both get similar storage, etc.

I wouldn't go too small with the width of his vanity. 36" can be minimal depending on the setting. Example, if his vanity has solid walls on each side, is might appear to be shoehorned in and it can accentuate the smallness of his space. If there is free air on one or both sides it can have a more open feeling, or a glass wall on one side can open it up visually, etc.

He needs to be happy with his space. You need to be happy with your space. Then use whatever space can be freed up for a larger shower if that makes both of you happy.

With the shower, your shower right now has decent dimensions. So think about the additional shower space and why you want it, and if it will accomplish those objectives. Will the additional 6" of space in the shower get you to that comfortable two-person shower if that is your goal? Or will it be a cramped two-person shower? With a bench you'll be sort of cramped even as a single-user shower. Without a bench? Etc. Will you realistically be showering together regularly, or just occasionally? Or never?

If the added space in the shower doesn't fully and completely achieve your shower goals, then it might be best to leave him with a larger vanity.

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very common for them to be differently sized or shaped.

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Considering that we're coming from a 36x36 fiberglass shower stall, a 44x48 glass enclosed shower is going to feel huge!

We don't hang out in the shower together and we already opted to have a folding teak shower bench on the long wall, so we're not trying to gain space for a bench structure.

Curious how we try to "optimize" rather than work with what is straight-forward.

Thank you for the thoughtful comments - option 1 it is!

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We had different size custom vanities built for our master. My husband and I each chose the drawer and cabinet configuration that we preferred and we're both happy with how they work for our needs. I think that they complement each other and I think you'd find the same in your space.



I agree with Mongo and would not reduce the size of your husband's vanity to gain another 6" in your shower. Functionally, that wouldn't be a trade-off I'd be willing to make. Also, I think that a 36" vanity beside a 54" shower would look disproportionate. I'd leave the shower at 44 x 48 and go with 42" for his and 48" for hers. I'd have no concern about it looking like a mistake.

Good luck and I hope you'll post pictures as your project progresses!

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My vanity was a double size (with a single sink) so it was longer and not as tall. It's along the left side of the picture. My husband's was around 36" tall and about 40" wide if I remember correctly. This was in our previous house.

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