Making a second Facebook account

ilmbgApril 7, 2013

I tried to make a Facebook account for just my young niece and myself.
I put in my alternate email address, but left out a number when registering, but did not realize it.
When I clicked to register , I got a message 'you are inellegible to register'.
When I go to Facebook registration, it keeps telling me that. Now I can't seem to register!
Where/what do I do?

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They have a minimum age limit. Maybe you're not old enough yet ?

Make a new email account at your favorite online free email company, Try again - lie about your age, all the kids do that - lots of older kids these days in 5th and 6th grades. 20 and more years old even. I guess schools don't have a maximum age limit :)

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Hmmmmm....... My granddaughter is old enough.....
I know I left out a number in my email, but I don't see why that would not let me try again.

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PKponder TX

Did you use your name or hers? I'm not a spokesman for Facebook, but I'm pretty sure that the terms and conditions prohibit an individual from creating more than one account. Check the Terms link from the registration page.

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I'm a facebook neophyte but I think there's a way to limit a "group" to just you and your niece on your main account. You may google it or check out their instructions? Sorry I'm not more help.

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Yes, you can make groups. I have one for just immediate family and one for members of my graduating class....only members of each group can post or view.

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