woodie2January 31, 2010

Would anybody know where to buy Lavoris mouthwash? Apparently it is still available on-line, but I can't find it anywhere in any store! My Dad is reluctant to change to another brand, he figures he made it to 89 using Lavoris and why should he switch now?

I'll surprise him and order it on-line if I have to, but I was hoping to find it again live and in person somewhere in New Jersey.

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It's on Amazon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lavoris

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Hi Woodie, I did a little searching and the link below may help you find a store locally. If not I did find it on Amazon but the shipping was expensive. The Vermont Country store also carries it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Find A Store

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Thanks Helene and Tracey! I had found them on-line but just hoped to find them somewhere locally. Even with that store list, Tracey, there is not one near me. A product that seems to be on its way out, I guess. I guess I'll pay the shipping and surprise my Dad - it will make him happy :) (Its not always easy to be 89 and mostly its the little things that make him (and my mom) smile.)

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Aren't you a sweetie!

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If you have a local drug store, not a chain, ask them if they can order it for you. You may have to buy more than can be used immediately, but hey, it's for your daddy!
Our local drug store is very accomodating about special ordering.

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What a nice thing to do. I have found that one thing that is hard on my mom as she has grown old (92) is that so many things she has been familiar with all her life are going away. Most of all, her friends have mostly died, so even things like familiar mouthwash can be a comfort.

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Thanks, Marlin, great idea! You know for us "youngsters" its not always pleasant to have to change products that we like but we do it when we have no choice - but it gets harder and harder as we age, I have seen so many examples with my parents. My mom is easy, but Dad, not so much :)

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