Considering this HP WIN7

Sue_vaApril 9, 2013

To replace my 6 year old HP XP SP3:

Operating system - Windows 7 Home Premium 64
Processor - Intel(R) Pentium(R) dual-core processor G640 [2.8GHz, 3MB Shared Cache]
Memory - 4GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM [1 DIMM]
Hard drive - 500GB 7200 rpm SATA hard drive
Graphics card - Integrated Intel HD Graphics [DVI-D, DX 10.1]
Optical drive - SuperMulti DVD Burner

Price $349.00

I'm wondering about the [DVI-D, DX 10.1] Graphics card?



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What about the graphics card?

Are you asking if it is good enough or whether you can upgrade at some point?

You provided the specs but no model number so one cannot check the other details for you. There will likely be a slot available to install a separate graphics card if that is your concern.

The DVI-D suggests it only has a digital video connection so if your current monitor is VGA only you might need an adaptor.

This video is good for DirectX DX10.1 which is one revision behind but this might only affect you if you are into big time gaming.

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duo core processor? sounds like a proprietary big box retailers computer. why not go to a local computer shop and get a quad core amd setup with a compatible motherboard? for the same money. you dont need an intel i5 to be current.

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Cavell, I don't know if we have any local computer shops, at least I haven't heard about them if we do. Guess I could ask around.

Owbist, here is the link. You can see all the info. I don't know what graphics card my pc has, and I don't know where to look to find out. . All the the other info was familiar to me.

I don't do games, or music, just surfing, email, online shopping and banking.


Here is a link that might be useful: HP

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I don't do games, or music, just surfing, email, online shopping and banking.

Based on your needs I would suggest it would be good for you. As soon as I hit your link the first thing I saw was the 5 stars given by 56 users, that in itself is a good sign.

According to the (slim) spec sheet provided there is no opportunity to install any other video card. I might have suggested adding memory but I see they want $60 to increase to 6 gigs and $130 for 8 gigs, that seems on the high side considering memory prices these days.

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I think you will be smart to stick with shelf computers. I buy HP's, and order the reformatting CDs as soon as I get it set up, so I can fix it myself. I find most of my PC problems have been software problems or things I changed and couldn't remember how to change it back. It is my opinion not to scrimp on a computer. If you can afford a better one I would buy it. I don't like BBuy but I buy my PC's there because they offer high end PC's. My cousin had her's built and when the builder moved away, no one would work on her PC.

I do not use the Geek Squad.

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Living here in rural America I have always bought my systems and peripherals directly from HP or BB. At BB I avoid all the offers, and have never had a problem.

Like Emma I too order the recovey disks rather than create them. Things are just more certain and reliable for a small cost.


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Thank you for the support Dave, even though you may not have meant it as such. LOL

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From my point of view I would rather have clean, firm, reliable code than potentially unreliable code. A user is doing the recovery for a reason. My main thought is why would I risk the chance of putting the unreliable code back on the system.


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Was at BB on Xmas. Looking at desktops. Person next to me was talking to salesperson. Said they wanted to return brand new notebook cuz it was TOO slow. They pointed to nearest desktop and said THAT one. Sales guy said yep, good unit. He did not ask them 1 question. Just gave them receipt to take to cash register so stock picker could get unit from back room. How's that for great tech support.

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As a customer we have a duty to be product warranty informed, and as to store return policies, i.e. "no quibble". They change, and I have seen different regions with different policies.


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When I bought my first 64 bit computer I had some things that would not work with it and I was very frustrated I called them and they told me to bring it back they would replace it with a 32. He said they would do that up to 3 months. He added that 64 is the coming thing more and more software will be 64 bit compatible and I may be sorry didn't keep it. I kept it and he was right on.

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I don't think much of BB's sales technique but their return policy that's good for 3 months is excellent.

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Best Buy here at checkout has a security watcher watch you pay then he ask asks to see inside the bag the girl put what you bought inside,.. and then wants to see your receipt. Its like in that 3 second walk from the cashier to him he somehow implies you're a thief, and he makes sure you paid the right price because the cashier seemed to friendly ?

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Loss prevention never bothers me as long as it is done politely and professionally.


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Well my point was almost any new computer should be ok for surfing the net, looking at family photos, doing email. Why a new notebook would have trouble doing that is a question. So, person did not say what the issue was. But decided a desktop would be better doing the same tasks? If your requirements are very smile, than any new computer should work. But where do u buy a new computer in rural Kansas? Bestbuy or Walmart?

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I bought a really cheap Dell at Walmart two years ago while traveling. Our laptop got virused on the trip and we needed a computer fast. I think I paid $299.00 for a 17" running Win7. It had a year warranty so I figured I could return it at any Walmart during the trip.

Never had a bit of trouble with that machine. I don't even know what size hard drive or any specs. Its just used for photos and works well.

I have bought computers at Best Buy. Never had any problems either. Never had to return anything. Still have an old HP Win XP netbook (remember those), which works great.

We have a bunch of old Dell desktops and laptop which still work. They were purchased from Dell directly. No problems there either.

I don't think it really matters where you buy unless you require support after the warranty runs out. Never had that happen and I don't buy contracts. Our problem is - what does one do with all these old computers which still work? I wouldn't worry about where to buy a new one.


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Jane wrote:= Our problem is - what does one do with all these old computers which still work?

Jane you could contact either a local school or senior centre, often they will take them to teach kids how to fix computers or as a starter/games machine for the seniors.

Or you could offer them on Freecycle. Google them for a group in your area. There are also recycling depots that will take them too or check with your local garbage folks.

You should wipe the hard drive unless there is nothing confidential on the hard drive. Re-installing Windows or a Linux version will do it as long as you tell it to use the whole drive when asked so your current data gets over written.

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