Pan slow on induction

stir_fryiAugust 10, 2012

I recently bought this pan.

I am used to pans heating up super fact on my induction stove -- this one heats up considerably slower.

Any reason why?

Makes me hesitate to buy any more from this line.

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Either it has much greater mass than the reference pans or it doesn't have enough magnetizable material (magnetic susceptibility) to efficiently use the fields generated, or you are watching it. :)


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Kaseki, thank you for your posts, you educate us on [a] the technical aspects of the item under discussion, [b] the exact and apt use of the English Language and importantly,........ [c] make us smile. Thank You.

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I have some Circulon frying pans. They are aluminum with a steel/iron slab welded to the bottom. It takes longer for them to heat up than my AllClad (thermal mass and all).

I don't use them that much because they are noisier.

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Fori is not pleased

I have a small Circulon Infinite non stick pan as my induction omelet pan. No problems with it at all, but it's a pretty small pan.

Just sayin' the whole line isn't bad--might have to do with the size and how much of it is inductable. Or somethin'.

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I have 4 Circulon Infinite pans, bought at Macy's. They all work fine, are not slow to heat and not noisy.

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