Laundry area layout

mdlnJuly 20, 2014

Does anyone see anything wrong with this layout for a laundry area, that will be in a basement? Thank you!

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If that is a front load dryer the door will not open very far against that table.

A large part of your folding table is unusable because it is in the corner.

A large part of your hanging rod will be difficult to access (over that table).

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I'd move the hanging rod over the sink to catch the dripping. If you'll alway have font load I'd do a counter top across the top and 86 the side folding table as Red mentioned the issue.

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I think your table is too big, and a large portion is unusable. I also think it will be difficult to access both your cabinet and your hanging rod.

But a lot depends on how you plan to use your laundry room. Will you keep your dirty laundry there? Or only bring it at washing time? How much soap, softener, etc. do you keep on hand? Do you buy giant bottles? Or the little washing pods? Where will you keep unused hangars? Will you do your folding there? Ironing? How much hand washing will you do in the sink?

Where is your door? Swing in or swing out?

I have a set of stainless steel wire shelving that I keep my laundry supplies on. I find it more convenient than having to always reach up over the washer to open a cabinet door. Especially when my gallon of bleach is brand new and still heavy.

I also have a 30x60 table to the side. I keep 3 baskets underneath with dirty clothes, sorted by color. I use the top as a staging area (I fold laundry up in the mbr so I can watch cheesy movies). And I have a rod hung above the table to store my hangars and to hang freshly laundered clothes. Keep in mind with your hanging rod - if you have lots of pants or dresses, the rod needs to be really high so the clothes don't crumple up on top of the dryer or table.

You could put a small cabinet or some shelving next to the dryer. Then still have your table, though smaller, along the wall. If you mount the hanging rod above the table, you could have a portion over the gap between table and cabinet for long clothes,

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Thanks you red, house, and pixie for the comments.

The washer will be top load and the dryer door opens down.

The only things I put on hangers are dry shirts and pants which are folded on the hanger, so the rod will be pretty low. I have it going all the way to the wall just because it will be easier to mount an end to a wall.

In the hard to reach corner I see myself putting a laundry basket there, to throw clean & underware in, so I can take them upstairs to sort & fold also in front of the TV.

Pixie, great idea for shelving, I think I'll put that between sink & washer.

This is a huge open space, so essentially no door that I have to consider. The area is 23'x28' and only other things in the space are a furnace & water heater. Thus the huge table.

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Mdlnn..I have a small laundry room on my first floor and a larger laundry area like yours in my basement. This is where my dd did her laundry before she moved out and where I do overflow if I get behind. With such a big space (like yours) I chose this hanging rack. I have had it for awhile. The price has come way down. I paid over 100. for it. It holds a lot more clothes than my hanging rack upstairs and is heavy duty. Dd tried to steal it when she moved out :-) Just a thought for your large area.

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thanks red_lover - that may be an even better idea! I could have it exactly where I wanted it when I am using it, and then can roll it out of the way when not in use. Great price, too.

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Yes, that is exactly what I do. I like to dry things for just a few minutes then hang on hangars. I don't dry anything completely. Most everything goes on hangars except socks, underwear, shorts, and pjs. So I use a lot of hanging space.

This rack works out perfectly. I wish I had room for one upstairs.

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