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granolamomAugust 10, 2012

right now we have a ge profile range with baking drawer. the regular oven is gas, the baking drawer is electric. the drawer slow to heat up, and cooks slowly, and I need to use it at 450 degrees (the max temp) to actually bake anything. is this typical of baking drawers in general, a drawback of GE's design or typical of electric ovens?

I'm choosing a new oven and am deciding between gas/electric so I'm wondering if this baking drawer is at all indicative of what I can expect from a wall oven.

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Baking drawers on gas appliances only use 110 electricity. It's basically a toaster oven, not an honest to gosh high powered oven. Wall ovens use 220, and heat up twice as fast as well as have a heck of a lot more thermal mass to maintain that heat. Now, all modern ovens of any variety take a while to fully preheat, but once preheated, they should be fine for any baking or roasting that you want to do.

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thank you! that explains alot

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